Sr. SRE, Platform Infrastructure

The Platform Infrastructure team builds and runs software and services that provide leverage for our entire Engineering team by abstracting away the low-level details of working with infrastructure, allowing the rest of Engineering to focus entirely on delivering great experiences to Box's customers. Our mission is to work across multiple public cloud providers as well as Box's own technology stack in our own data centers to provide unified interfaces for managing infrastructure to both our developers and ops teams. Our systems are currently transitioning from statically-defined models to dynamic and ephemeral ones, bringing challenges that require new approaches to how we manage infrastructure. Come help us solve it for Box!
Why the team needs you 
We're a small team with big responsibilities and we're looking to up level our discipline and capabilities around software development, especially test-driven development. As we expand our systems to cover all public cloud providers, we'd look to you to help us develop stronger TDD practices and accelerate our efforts to integrate our systems across multiple clouds. We go fast and take intelligent risks and we use blameless postmortems to learn everything we can from failures. We solve problems with software and we run what we build - there's no throwing software over the wall. We trust each other and use that trust to enable vigorous debate within the team. We need you to bring a willingness to debate, to learn, and to teach. We need you to own what you're going to build!
Why Box needs you 
Box is growing fast. Real fast. Every business in the world is looking to modernize the way that they work. As the leader in cloud content management, Box is the only company that can help enterprises transform how people work together.  The platform you'll build will enable our Engineering team to go fast and be efficient without sacrificing safety or security.
Why you need Box 
You're going to have the unique opportunity to architect, build and design our private and multi-public cloud provider solution with the highest level of security that any company has to typically deal with. As you drive and scale our infrastructure migration to the cloud, you will get to work with cutting-edge technologies including Kubernetes, SmartStack, and all major cloud providers. You will have visibility across all of Engineering and have impact directly on the entire business. 
Who you are 
  • You have 5+ years of experience in software development and production operations 
  • You have experience with a variety of Public and Private Cloud technologies (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes) and are familiar with the industry landscape and trends
  • You have strong coding and scripting abilities (Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, shell scripting)
  • You believe in and have created excellent documentation 
  • You've worked in a TDD environment and think it leads to higher quality software.
  • You've worked on cross-functional teams to deliver solutions  
  • You're comfortable logging in to troubleshoot linux machines within complex distributed systems 
  • You believe that Infrastructure as Code is the right way to manage production systems

Meet Some of Box's Employees

Ryan K.

Outbound Business Representative

Ryan works with federal, state, and local government agencies to help them integrate Box’s secure storage system so that they can more efficiently achieve their goals.

Jason G.

Director, Enterprise Sales

Jason and the 11-person team he manages are responsible for all of the Box enterprise software sales throughout the northeastern United States region.

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