Sr. Product Manager - Relay

It's an amazing time to be working at Box, especially for product managers. Box is at a unique point where we have a large influence on the market and impact to our customers, yet are still at a size where individual product managers play a critical role in creating that impact. With millions of users on our platform, each product manager has an opportunity to ship products that will change the way that people work.
We are looking for a product manager who will join us in reimagining business workflows. Whether it's on-boarding new employees, approving contracts, or just planning a team lunch (yes, we have a workflow for that at Box!), end-users have had to use really outdated tools to do these tasks for too long, and we're going to make that better!
Why the team needs you 
We have an experienced workflow team today, but workflow is quickly becoming central to everything we are building for cloud content management at Box. We'd love to add someone to the team that brings a strong end-user focus and enterprise background, with great product management skills and experience.
Why you need Box 
Box is growing fast. Real fast. Every business in the world is looking to modernize the way that they work. As the leader in cloud content management, Box is the only company that can help enterprises transform how people work together
We are a product-driven company and our product managers are highly visible and engaged across the business. On one day, you'll be talking to the IT team that drives hundreds of thousands of Box users at a Fortune 500 company. The next, you'll be evaluating the DAU of your product, how to drive user engagement, and improve the user experience.
Who you are 
You're a product person through and through. You care deeply about how your products materially make your customers' lives better. You understand the business and the analytics/metrics that drive success. You're a lifelong learner that is looking to build your product management skills in an imaginative environment. Most of all, you bring that ethos to work every day, where you work collaboratively with design, analytics, and engineering team members to bring amazing products to market.
Here's the fine print:
  • You have already spent 5+ years as a product manager where you've built and launched products with highly cross-functional teams.
  • You are committed to understanding what drives organizations to adopt new products and how to design products to deliver value.

  • You have experience in working in scrum teams in an agile environment, leading agile release planning in terms of iterative, incremental & value-driven delivery and tightening every feedback loop regarding the product (e.g. release often, release early, talk to customers, Minimal Marketable Product, etc.). 
  • You have expertise in workflow or task driven products. (Bonus points)
  • You have a passion for building great end-user experiences that deliver real value without complexity.
Sound interesting? We look forward to meeting you!

Meet Some of Box's Employees

Ryan K.

Outbound Business Representative

Ryan works with federal, state, and local government agencies to help them integrate Box’s secure storage system so that they can more efficiently achieve their goals.

Jason G.

Director, Enterprise Sales

Jason and the 11-person team he manages are responsible for all of the Box enterprise software sales throughout the northeastern United States region.

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