Technical Product Manager

The Technical Product Manager will be the interface between Product Owners, who represent business goals and customer needs, and the Development teams, who build the tools and products that BounceX offers. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the Development teams can work efficiently and effectively on projects that produce the most business value and continue the growth of Bounce Exchange.


  • Work with Product Owners to define projects and goals into actionable and value producing stories
  • Ensure Product Owners have insight into development processes and project statuses
  • Define, adjust, and gain buy in from company decision makers on sprint priorities
  • Manage sprint cycles for development teams, including standups, estimations, prioritizations, and sprint planning
  • Manage the processes and tools the Development teams use for organizing work and planning


  • Experience working with software development teams
  • Strong technical knowledge and understanding; Computer Science or Engineering degrees recommended
  • Experience with Agile Software Development tools and processes

About Us:

Bounce Exchange is bad ass.  

Computer World ranked us as the #1 tech company to work for in the United States in terms of employee retention and career development. Crain's and Internet Week agreed and ranked us in their respective groups of the top places to work for in NYC.

What do we actually do?

We invented a new class of enterprise marketing software we call “Behavioral Automation." Bounce Exchange analyzes digital body language to make websites way more convenient and less annoying to visitors (which increases their conversion rate). We work with large retailers, publishers and Fortune 500s to help them monetize their traffic more effectively.

Are you a ridiculous human?

We're a mildly clever, sarcastic, and a little crazy group that's always on the lookout for the next ridiculous human that's in the top 1% of ridiculous humans.

Fortune Best Workplaces in Tech 2016

Computer World Best Places to Work 2015

Crain's Best Places to Work 2015

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015

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