Desktop Support Engineer

We're looking to bring on the next member of our office infrastructure team. You'll be working out of our engineering team and helping to keep all things running smoothly.

The ideal candidate works smart, not just hard; you think about efficiency and automation. You're helpful by nature and don't mind occasionally rescuing someone who's bricked their phone or laptop. As more services shift toward the cloud-- or whatever you call it-- you find yourself diving frequently into software, not just hardware. You can still probably overcome any technical challenge without breaking a sweat. But if you do break a sweat, it’s cool-- we have cold brew on tap. 

Here's some of the things you might be doing:

  • Desktop support & troubleshooting across our New York office
  • Help support office continuity (backup, restore, disaster recovery)
  • A/V support & setup
  • Assist with inventory management & setting up new workstations/laptops for employees
  • Monitor backup systems and procedures to ensure data security and durability
  • Keep an accurate record of documents, problems and solutions for future reference
  • Gather necessary data for issue replication, problem determination, and escalation
  • Diagnose and resolve hardware and network issues
  • Manage software versioning and installation (automatic upgrades)

Here's what we are looking for in a candidate:

  • Real-world experience-- ideally, a mix of hands-on IT experience and system administration
  • Experience across Macs, PCs, *NIX environments, etc.
  • Proactive engagement in continuous process improvement
  • Natural planner & problem solver with a strong attention to detail
  • Knowledge of AWS or cloud resources a plus
  • Security & networking knowledge a plus 
  • Startup experience is a plus

About Us:

Bounce Exchange is bad ass.  

Computer World ranked us as the #1 tech company to work for in the United States in terms of employee retention and career development. Crain's and Internet Week agreed and ranked us in their respective groups of the top places to work for in NYC.

What do we actually do?

We invented a new class of enterprise marketing software we call “Behavioral Automation." Bounce Exchange analyzes digital body language to make websites way more convenient and less annoying to visitors (which increases their conversion rate). We work with large retailers, publishers and Fortune 500s to help them monetize their traffic more effectively.

Are you a ridiculous human?

We're a clever, slightly irreverent, and dedicated group that's always on the lookout for the next ridiculous human that's in the top 1% of ridiculous humans.

Fortune Best Workplaces in Tech 2016

Computer World Best Places to Work 2015

Crain's Best Places to Work 2015

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015

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