Business Analyst


Vary by project but may include:

• Work with our clients to understand their needs (fixing a broken process, converting outdated
systems, complying with new regulations, etc.), and represent those needs to technology teams who
build solutions
• Build relationships with key client stakeholders to understand their business structure, policies, and
operations. Ensure the project maintains compliance
• Analyze, specify, model, and document stakeholder needs throughout the project to ensure they are
specific, complete, and realistic
• Create detailed reports measuring goals and outcomes, and tie them back to project needs
• Model client processes and user/customer behavior
• Facilitate change management and obtain necessary support to implement improved business
• Facilitate the development of training and implementation material and post-implementation support


Our best Business Analyst Associates possess most of the following:

• 0-2 years’ relevant experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management, Finance, Economics, or similar
• Strong attention to detail with a focus on end-user (stakeholder) needs
• Analytical mindset focused on process and data analysis
• Ability to take complex data and processes and highlight useful information, identify gaps, propose
solutions, and support decision making
• Client service mindset. Must possess positive attitude and do whatever it takes to ensure the project
meets client needs
• Strong work ethic. Willing to work the hardest and go the extra mile to achieve project success and
client satisfaction
• Ability to influence others and lead without authority
• Strong written, presentation, and verbal communication, including clear structure and main point
• Excels in ambiguous environments, where quick learning and rapid decision making are important
• Creative problem solver able to take multiple approaches to a single problem.
• Has the ability to bridge the gap between vague and abstract ideas and produce clear, concise
documentation and verbal explanations for any business need

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