Director of Operations

Book of the Month is seeking someone passionate about operations to lead all aspects of our subscription e-commerce operations, including order management, subscription operations, payment operations, inventory management, book manufacturing and much more.  

The role can be broken down into three major components: (1) Order management and subscription renewal operations (2) Inventory and supply chain management, and (3) Continuous improvement and reporting. You will work closely with teams across the business, but especially the engineering team. As a result, a technical background, with some hands-on SQL and/or Javascript experience, will be very helpful.  

Key Responsibilities

Order Management and Subscription Renewal Operations

  • Work side-by-side with engineering to execute and monitor all order management and renewals processes. 
  • Proactively make changes to all processes and functionality to decrease click-to-ship times, increase credit card success rates, and decrease chargebacks. 
  • Manage the relationships with our payments processing vendors.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management 

  • Build and execute an inventory management program (including policies, systems, and tools) which minimized backorders and reduces the amount of inventory waste over time.
  • Manage relationships with book manufacturers and paper suppliers to deliver books on-time and reduce per unit costs over time.
  • Manage all aspects of our eCommerce fulfillment operations including, evaluating in-house vs. outsourced 3PL options, improving our pick-pack processes in the warehouse, and ensuring that important information is proactively communicated to our fulfillment locations.  

Continuous Improvement

  • Identify, define, and proactively propose small and large projects and functionality which solve discrete and systemic operational issues.
  • Create standardized and ad hoc reports and analysis used to monitor operational performance and to drive decision making throughout the business. 
  • Build a team of business analysts to help execute across your department as needed. 


  • B.S. degree in technical discipline (engineering, math, computer science, etc.); 
  • 3+ years of experience in an analytical data-driven role, especially management consulting, technology consulting, or an operations role at an e-commerce company.
  • Experience working with ERP systems, payment software, and programs developed in-house.
  • Experience with business process engineering and quality improvement programs.

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