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At Booking.com, we make it easier for everyone to experience the world. We began by taking hotel bookings online over 20 years ago and we've been shaping the travel industry ever since. Today, we're building a platform that connects all parts of the trip - from accommodation to transport, tickets, tours and more.

From our HQ in Manchester, our Transportation team helps people get where they want to go, anywhere in the world.  Whether customers want the freedom of a car, the ease of a taxi or the economy of public transport, we make it all possible.

Our team is passionate about helping people travel. They see challenges as opportunities. And they're always ready for change.

As a UX Researcher you will:

  • Evaluate and monitor our customers' experience across multiple touchpoints and platforms, as well as reviewing proposed designs and anticipating any usability issues they may cause.
  • Collaborate with designers, product owners, developers and analysts to provide teams with research solutions and key insights that will inform product development.
  • Gather research requirements, then scope and propose the most suitable approach to effectively answer the core research question in each case.
  • Draw on the full suite of UX research methodologies, deploying them continuously or tactically as appropriate.
  • Regularly conduct, moderate and analyse user-testing sessions in our on-site UX lab, rapidly turning observations into actionable design recommendations.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage all practical aspects of user-testing sessions (with team support) including writing participant recruitment briefs and managing external suppliers.
  • Employ remote user testing, session-tracking, heuristic evaluation, competitor analysis, site intercepts, surveys and IA activities as projects require.
  • Work closely with our analytics teams to validate and spot connections across data sources.
  • Assist in user-centred design activities e.g. persona development, journey-mapping and task-modelling.
  • Effectively communicate findings and recommendations with stakeholders throughout the organisation, whatever their discipline or seniority.
  • Support the Senior UX Researcher in developing engaging methods of research dissemination and in developing appropriate UX KPIs for use by the business.
  • Promote a user-centred design approach by educating and inspiring others throughout the business.
  • Be the users' advocate, ensuring their needs are central to design and development decisions.

You'll have:
  • Use of an on-site user-testing lab, purpose built with adjoining collaboration room.
  • Access to various popular industry tools and licences, including WhatUsersDo and Clicktale (you will assist in evaluating further additions to our suite of UX and VOC tools).
  • Freedom to propose any method - where you can make the case that it's the right one.
  • Excellent career development opportunities in a rapidly growing and diversifying business.

Experience (essential):
  • 3 years' UX research delivery in a consultancy, agency or in-house setting.
  • Degree or higher degree in psychology, behavioural sciences, HCI or similar.
  • Demonstrable regular experience of moderating one-to-one usability sessions - and (ideally) training in interviewing techniques.
  • Knowledge and practical experience of using a variety of UX research methods (qualitative and quantitative), with a strong awareness of their merits and weaknesses.
  • Experience of using a variety of commercial UX research or VOC software tools.
  • Knowledge of UCD principles and best practices.

Experience (desirable):
  • Experience of managing a testing lab and observation room.
  • Familiarity with audio-video recording and editing software (e.g. Morae).
  • Use of wire-framing and rapid prototyping tools (e.g. Axure).
  • Awareness of CRO and AB-testing principles.
  • Ecommerce or travel industry exposure.
  • Excel and/or SQL manipulation of quantitative data sets.
  • Proficiency in another European language.

Your qualities:
  • Personable - Adaptable and able to make others feel at ease.
  • Analytical - Investigative, inquisitive, always asking 'why?'
  • Organised - Capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Collaborative - Able to facilitate effective working among colleagues in various roles.
  • Articulate - Able to convey customer insights persuasively and accurately.
  • Principled - Focussed on the right outcome for your users.


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