SEO Analyst

As an SEO Analyst at, sitting within our performance marketing organisation in Amsterdam, you'll be part of a dynamic and fast moving team, delivering at scale solutions, best practise guidance and experimentation.

The role centrally positioned between our various business units, so there's no limit on the section of booking you may work on. This includes outputs such as SEO Audits, technical assessments and copy guidance through best practice for company wide teams.

In this role you will be responsible for numerous high-impact projects aimed at scaling our SEO campaigns and custom tools into new areas, in addition to refining our core offering. You'll also be free to suggest new ideas within SEO, and work independently on your own self started projects.

The output of your work will be used throughout multiple areas of the company including 'Booking Home', 'BookingSuite', transport and our core accommodation product. In addition this role will act as a key central position within the SEO team. You would work closely both with the SEO team, and multiple product teams throughout the company, working in parallel with a team of highly skilled developers and copywriters with complementary skills to drive business growth through SEO.

  • Operate as a marketing analyst, delivering actionable insights into the product teams, data analysis reports, strategy suggestions into external teams and performance reports.  Exemplary SEO skills to support both SEO optimisation teams with additional story ideation possibilities.
  • Centralised "SEO internal consultant" for the company to handle the multiple inbound requests from other sections of the company with secondary performance marketing requirements, with our existing toolset. These include such tracks  as, booking suite, affiliate sign up and others, and acts as a key first step in launching SEO as a Service, and will help define requirements for our SEO infra team to move forward with our tooling to support this growth.
  • 3+ years E-commerce SEO Experience
  • Strong analytical capabilities
  • Proven track record of strategic SEO methods and ideas.
  • Expert with Google Analytics, or other industry standard analytics packages
  • Experience on websites generating over 300k natural search visits daily.
  • Thorough knowledge of SEO best practice for western search engines
  • Strong knowledge of search engine penalty avoidance
  • Report generation, and self motivated analysis
  • Communication skills (both verbal and written); the ability to convey complex analysis results clearly and with conviction to all levels of stakeholders
  • Team player with strong interpersonal, relationship-building, and stakeholder management skills
  • Data-driven, have technical affinity and possess a strong business sense
  • Ability to draw business insights from data
  • Working knowledge in data visualisation (Excel, Tableau, or other data visualisation tools)
  • Excellent organisational skills, attention to detail and analytical reasoning
  • Some experience with international Search engines - any of the following (Yandex, Baidu, Daum, Naver, Yahoo Japan) is a strong advantage
  • Knowledge of Hadoop / MySql / Python is a strong advantage
  • Copy production pipeline knowledge is an advantage

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