Senior Manager - Data, Analytics & Reporting Performance

    • Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Senior Manager of Data, Analytics and Performance Reporting (DAPR) will join our Central Operations team, supporting the wider global Customer Service Business at  This role reports to the Senior Director of Central Operations, Customer Service (CS) and is located in our HQ in Amsterdam.

In addition to working with various teams within Central Operations, you will work on programs in a matrixed organization, and will also have dotted line relationships within Global or Regional functions directly related to their programs, impacting our CS operational population of 10,000 FTE across 17 contact centres globally that service our customer spanning across multiple languages, products and channels.

This role will be primarily responsible for identifying initial opportunities for improvement in performance from a range of data sets with following key objectives:

  • Data management and assurance: Develop and agree a global set of performance KPIs which connect the front line agent performance to the overall performance of the Customer Services Business (CS). Established agreed definitions for each KPI, ensure that the data supports the calculations and manage these KPI definitions and all change control.
  • Performance reporting: Develop and agree a set of global performance dashboards to support operational analysis and decision making from Agent to the CS Leadership Team and beyond. The Dashboards will include quantitative and qualitative assessments of performance, access to variation analysis and involve a degree of user configuration. Own the design and specification of the dashboard and manage all requests for change.
  • Performance analytics and insight: Based on a range of proactive and reactive triggers develop the CS analytics approach to drive insight from all available quantitative and qualitative data sets to identify opportunities for improvement and develop initial business cases for potential projects/programmes. Improvement opportunities will range from tactical changes to the focus for coaching to changes in business processes to drive significant strategic changes.
  • Delivery assessment and tracking: Monitoring performance data for each implemented initiative separately and as part of the overall business performance to ensure that improvements, once delivered are locked into the operation.
  • Active participation in the overall management of the Central Operations function including a stake in the ongoing assessment of all potential initiatives as they proceed through test and implementation

In addition to the above, you will have overall responsibility and ownership, through analysis and analytics, for the identification and assessment of potential improvement opportunities, the impact of legislation/regulation changes and the assessment/adjustment of operational performance improvement and recovery plans to maximise the results achieved in line with our long-term ambitions. 

You will lead and manage a team of Data, Data Science and Reporting professionals who will provide the analytics input into the development of our tactical and strategic plans to improve Customer Service Performance. The approach has to be proactive with a very clear requirement to maintain dynamic analytical models and approaches to ensure that all assumptions are revisited as initiatives progress through testing and into scale implementation. There must be a focus on experimentation early focused on developing an accurate prioritisation system designed to identify high value, high success opportunities.

  • Understand and map all sources of data (quantitative and qualitative) to provide the basis for all reporting, analysis and analytics including identifying improvements which could be made in the provision of the data
  • Produce recommendations for changes to the data structure where required but ensure that the 'show can go on' in the meantime through a clear understanding of the data
  • Develop, agree and maintain a single set of operational KPIs focused on the assessment of operational performance from the Agents to the Customer Services Leadership Team (CSLT)
  • Develop, agree and maintain performance dashboards on an accessible platform for each level in the CS Business and beyond designed to meet their current and changing needs as we develop the CS Service proposition in response to the Connect Trip, etc.
  • Provide reactive support to the operation to respond to variations in performance, focused on coaching the operations teams to use the dashboards to understand their performance with improvements identified in the dashboard where this is not possible.
  • Establish a Data Science approach focused on ensuring that CS are at the forefront of Data Science in customer service with the identification, adoption and utilisation of the most appropriate techniques, methodologies and systems.
  • Create a governance structure around data, analysis and analytics focused on establishing an operating model for this activity, flexible to change and open to new ideas and the opportunities new approaches offer in terms of improving the outcomes
  • Monitor people, process and system performance to identify, through analytics, opportunities for improvements including the development of initial business cases and the development of an initial prioritisation approach with the other members of the Central Operations and CSLT team
  • Work with both quantitative and qualitative sources of data including results from complaints, quality assessments, speech/text analytics, Your View and employee surveys
  • Maintain and expand the business cases as the initiatives proceed through testing and into scale implementation ensuring that actual performance in the live environment is compared to analytics and the results of tests.
  • Track improvements after implementation to ensure that benefits are tracked and locked into the operation.    
  • Establish a focus on early experimentation and collaboration with other data science and analytics teams across the business.
  • Actively collaborate with the other members of the CSLT and their leadership and wider teams and participate in the development and implementation of the CS Strategy.
  • Build consensus and influence decision-making within executive- and senior-level audiences.  Work effectively with all peers and stakeholders (such as WFM & Finance, Regional Operations, Product and PS), create strong cross-functional collaboration with other departments and external vendors to ensure successful delivery of programs and projects impacting CS
  • Participate in the evaluation, planning and implementation of major programs for products and services purchased from third-party suppliers and vendors worldwide specific to CS. Participate in the development of commercials with third-party suppliers and be the point of contact for the development of the implementation plans.  
  • Establish career pathways and development for the data, analysis and analytics teams to ensure that they continue to develop their skills and techniques including external learning, networking and hackathon type events

Skills & Requirements
  • 7+ years general management experience in complex large multinational operations with a passion for managing teams
  • Relevant experience in data science, analytics, analysis, performance reporting and data management
  • Experience within contact centre industry is not required but an understanding of how these operations work is essential to the role. This also includes knowledge and understanding around Workforce Management (WFM), forecasting and financial management, change, operational excellence, people performance and quality assurance. 
  • Experience of establishing an analytics and performance reporting function
  • Able to explain highly technical topics to diverse audiences with experience of being able to translate complex analytics to operational insight to drive change
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work with a range of stakeholders up to Director and VP level
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent, Masters degree preferred
  • Possess excellent written and spoken English communication skills puts every accommodation option at the fingertips of savvy travel shoppers. Company Image

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