Partner Journeys Sr. Specialist - Partner Marketing BV (the company behind™, the market-leading online hotel reservation service in the world) and/or its various support companies throughout the world are looking for people to support the business in the fast-growing accommodation market.

This role is part of the Partner Marketing team who focuses on scaling the management of our supply partners and ultimately empowering these partners to discover commercial growth opportunities. Our target audience includes a diverse range of accommodations globally, who are currently in a partnership or in the process of partnering with

As a Partner Marketing Senior Specialist , you will have ownership of improving multichannel 'customer' experiences (in our case 'Partner Experience') through our partner lifecycle journeys. 

In this role, you will spearhead partner journey projects that are identified having substantial business impact. You will be responsible for analysing partner needs and pain points, mapping the 'as-is' journey and facilitating the design of the 'to-be' journey with the subject matter experts. You will gain buy-in for the 'to-be' journey and the ownership of actions stakeholder groups need to take in order to build the new journey. You will be working with a range of stakeholders within the company; e.g. Research, Product, Marketing, Digital Channels, Client Services, and Local Partner Services. Examples of potential newly designed journeys can be onboarding, churn prevention, etc.. The impact of your work will be on a global scale, making the lives of our 2 million + partners better. 

We are highly data-driven in our approach. In your area of responsibility that will mean that will create strong hypotheses based on data insights. We get to optimized results by creating cycles of experimentation, learning and optimizing/expanding. Your ability to achieve performance objectives, while entrepreneurially investing, testing and learning with an incremental (MVP) approach is critical for success in this role. You will be part of the team that is responsible for marketing to our existing partner base through digital channels, to empower our partners to run and grow their business. 

  • Be partner-centric in all the decisions that you make and the interactions that you have with other teams.
  • Collaborate with, and provide leadership to, other teams within to create and execute partner experience projects. 
  • Identify opportunities to improve the partner experience in the way that they collaborate with us, based on research and data analysis. 
  • Design scalable solutions catering to our rapidly growing partner base. 
  • Prove the impact of your work by measuring, monitoring and performing data analysis.
  • Challenge the status quo by designing experiments to grow results. 
  • Establish long-term, productive relationships within the organization.
  • Investigate, test and develop new ways of working that contribute to your area's success.
  • 3+ years of experience in customer experience strategy, design, and improvement, including independently leading customer lifecycle/journey projects. 
  • Analytical skills and the ability to use data to build actionable insights. 
  • Business acumen to quickly understand Booking's objectives and key results, partner and consumer perspectives and the way all parts of the company work together to realise our ambitions. 
  • Strong and resilient team player with a high degree of flexibility, problem-solving and positive communication that motivates and influences the achievement of team objectives.
  • Experience working in a sizable marketing environment, preferably in a multinational B-to-B context.
  • Exceptional oral and written communication with the ability to facilitate discussions with your stakeholders.
  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to prioritize tasks, and manage time efficiently. High performer with the ability to manage parallel projects and expectations for project scope changes, seeing intersection points, and mitigating risks.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment that changes rapidly.
  • Experience with Design Thinking methodology is a plus.

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