Freelance Translator - Hebrew

The Content Agency at is looking to expand their network of freelance translators who can translate and edit hotel and travel-related content from English into Hebrew  for our website.  

You will be required to take an unpaid translation test of 500-1000 words. This test is aimed at assessing your translation capabilities in the target language and will not be used for our website.

Please note that if you are currently employed by, you are not eligible to work as a freelance translator at the same time.


  • Professional training in translations (please include information on your training and qualifications in the CV)
  • Native speaker of Hebrew
  • Able and willing to translate a minimum of 5.000 words per week 
  • High level of English
  • Experience in translating texts from English into Hebrew
  • Experience in using CAT tools preferred
  • Uninterrupted internet access
  • Able to apply received feedback
  • Willingness to take an unpaid translation test. Your test translation will not be used on our website
  • Proof of self-employment and/or all required tax documentation - precedence will be given to candidates who are available immediately and able to provide proof of self-employment and/or tax documentation within 48 hours
  • Experience in translating and localization of texts in such fields as: hotels, destinations, regional content, travel, marketing, advertising and websites
  • Experience in creative and commercial copy-writing (guides, brochures, inspirational materials) is a plus
  • Reliable, independent, professional, detail and quality-oriented, with excellent communication skills

Please note, if you are a resident of the European Union or the Netherlands, we strongly advise that you acquaint yourself with the tax law requirements for freelance translators.

  • Prompt payment and self-billing invoicing
  • Extensive translation resources
  • Free translation system - no need to purchase additional software
  • Comprehensive administrative and technical support
  • Potential long-term cooperation
  • A paid probation period to coach you in's writing style and to evaluate your translation potential
  • Detailed feedback on the quality of your work

Please submit your application in English.

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Hector manages relationships with partners like airlines, travel agencies, and travel blogs. Through these partnerships, expands its reach.

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