Part-Time Sales Support, NYC

As Bonobos Sales Support, you are a "jack/jill-of-all-trades" and will flex between greeting customers, stock support, answering phones and running product....wherever help is needed, you'll be there. 

Sometimes you'll work with the front of house team, sometimes you'll work with the back of house team and other times directly with management. You're responsible for supporting our Guides (our spin on personal shoppers) in creating an exceptional customer experience throughout the entire store. You understand how to be a team player, are savvy about the visual and operational aspects of a store and know that building relationships with customers is the ultimate business advantage. You'll be responsible for greeting and connecting with customers who curiously wander into the Guideshop, offering them beverages and answering questions about Bonobos.  

At Bonobos, our one-on-one, appointment based experience offers customers both an alternative and complementary service to our web-driven model. Don't think traditional retail; what we're building you haven't seen before. Check out the guideshop in more detail here.

Okay, now I’m intrigued. Who are you looking for?


  • Are self motivated and love helping others
  • Have experience in traditional retail or relevant experience and understand the power of customer service
  • Love making people happy and want to help everyone look and feel great 
  • Tell strangers on the street that their tag is showing 
  • Know or want to learn as much as possible about men’s fashion, fabrics, styles, fit, and more 


  • Value self-awareness, intellectual honesty, judgment, empathy and positive energy - often over career experience
  • Work hard because we love what we’re doing, but also believe in balance
  • Will back up our talk with challenging projects, random acts of team-wide fun, awesome coworkers and the rare tribal atmosphere that also values individuality
  • Are committed to building a unique, fun and successful shopping experience through our Guideshop team
  • Are excited to hear from you

Meet Some of Bonobos's Employees

Eric D.

Chief Of Staff

Eric plays a key role in every aspect of the company. He works with the CEO to ensure leaders across the organization are accountable for meeting their goals.

Liam H.

Director Of Planning, E-Commerce & Guideshops

Liam works with Bonobos’ Planning Team to review sales reports, merchandise performance, and product features. He ensures that Bonobos has the correct products to achieve its financial goals.

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