Software Project Manager (Agile/scrum experience preferred)

You just might be a Bluebeam Software Project Manager if…

  • You sat with the smart kids at lunch in high school.
  • You translate "Tres Amigos" as a product owner, a developer, and a QA tester.
  • You've used some sort of scrum board in your personal life.
  • You've had serious discussions on the merits of Kirk vs. Picard or Star Wars vs. Star Trek.
  • You have a scheme for organizing your inbox, and have convinced someone else to try it.
  • You've gotten in trouble for being too honest.
  • You can slice up a user story six ways from Sunday.
  • You've ever been at work at 2am cheering on a team. (This doesn't happen often at Bluebeam, but you'd be there to wave the flag and help if it did.)
  • Your phone is filled with pictures of whiteboards.
  • You catch a buzz from building great software.

Bluebeam is growing like crazy and needs a talented cat-herder to help build our software experience on the desktop platform. As a software project manager, you'll be an integral part of the development team, where you will provide a key leadership role in helping the team deliver the best possible product to our customers.

The position requires a mix of hard and soft skills: an instinct for recognizing and resolving technical issues, but also an innate desire to bring order to chaos, and a knack for working with people across all parts of the software delivery pipeline.

About the job:

  • Serve as a scrum master for one or more development teams.
  • Coordinate major feature development between multiple teams.
  • Champion the development process, the quality of our software, and the delivery of the product.
  • Develop roadmaps for your teams in cooperation with product, development, and QA teams.
  • Track, monitor, and report on product and development team deliverables.
  • Proactively manage changes in your software releases, identify potential hurdles, and devise contingency plans.

Your experience:

  • 3+ years as a software project manager or scrum master in an Agile environment.
  • You won't write code in this role, but a technical background helps. A degree in Software Engineering or a related field is great. Or experience with programming languages (especially C# or C++) works too.
  • CSM, CSPO, PMP or similar certifications – or education in these areas. We aren't big on certifications, but you should know this terrain.
  • We're especially interested if you have thick-client experience; building and shipping huge, feature-rich products with lots of deliverables. It would give you an advantage if you had previously managed projects on an application that has a main yearly release coupled with some minor ones across multiple platforms. Heavy stuff.
  • It would also be helpful if you had some experience managing web projects. Shorter, faster sprints with more incremental releases.

To see what it's like to be a part of Bluebeam Engineering, watch this:

If you think you are good match for the Bluebeam team, please send the following:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter that reflects your personality and addresses specifically why you are a fit for Bluebeam and this role (and don't send us a generic!)

Learn more about Bluebeam here:


Meet Some of Bluebeam's Employees

Beth R.

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Beth oversees traditional and digital advertising while dabbling in social media and public relations. She also helps Bluebeam collect and analyze marketing metrics for future campaigns.

Josiah C.

Software Project Manager

Josiah oversees the efficiency factor of Bluebeam’s software development by helping design and build products that properly fuse input and design upgrades into new features.

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