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Bluebeam PMO Director

Bluebeam is establishing a Program Management Office (PMO) and is looking for an experienced director to lead this team and ensure its success.

Bluebeam’s PMO will take a balanced approach to driving major projects forward and facilitating project management best practices across the organization worldwide.  The team will be extremely active in driving clarity on projects, however will not be where all decisions are made. Ultimately it will be made up of project drivers who ensure project and program alignment, coordination and success.  The PMO will provide frameworks which drive tangible, short and long-term value to projects, Bluebeam and our customers. 

We are specifically looking for a PMO Director who will enable a team to

  • Influence planning processes and how we connect all the dots across a project to make it a program
  • Identify and develop project management methodology, frameworks, best practices and standards
  • Enable the sharing of resources and tools across the organization
  • Strike a balance between agility, planning and forecasting in order to operate most effectively within our development environment which use SCRUM methodologies
  • Train on methodologies and frameworks for project success across the business globally
  • Encourage project drivers/owners to keep corporate strategies and objectives top of mind
  • Establish company-wide objective visibility of PMO run projects via consistent communication of project status and their associated KPIs
  • Bring clear and early visibility while connecting “small efforts” to big ones so that people can celebrate “small wins” as well as rally at the right time
  • Manage expectations and priorities across all teams throughout the lifecycle of a project, while providing context to promote understanding and alignment
  • Bring the right people together at the right time to ensure project success
  • Productively engage project owners and contributors, mining for conflict to ensure honest communication, feedback and transparency
  • Identify potential roadblocks and risks in order to minimize the impact to the business

 The Successful PMO Director is

  • Able to keep teams and projects nimble/agile, allowing them to adapt to change
  • Service-oriented and yet be able to deliver a firm “no” when necessary
  • A great mediator; able to broker conversations while focusing on desired results
  • Able to promote a positive, engaging work/project environment while maintaining high-performance
  • Seen as a valuable partner across the organization; enabling projects to run smoothly and be successful; “I get to work with them vs. have to”
  • Helping to reveal or highlight areas where we have broken processes and working with department leaders to improve such processes
  • An extension and promotion of the culture we desire vs. a negative, disruptive force

 Also Desired

  • 10 years of project management (or related) experience in roles with increasing scope and responsibility
  • 5+ years management experience, ideally building and growing a team
  • Experience working with
    • Agile software development teams
    • Internationalization of products
    • Product launches
    • In-house marketing teams
    • Direct and channel sales teams

At Bluebeam, we hire for both competency and character.  We are committed to hiring employees with the ability to achieve superior results while approaching their work ethically using a team-based approach. We believe that teamwork is the ultimate long-term competitive advantage, and we hire those who can remain committed to company-wide results which create value for our customers rather than focusing on their own desires for power or career advancement.  This means that every employee needs to be willing to roll up their sleeves, no matter the task, to ensure the company (not just a department or individual) accomplishes its goals.

For this and all roles we hire people who: 

  • Have integrity
  • See challenges as opportunities
  • Are committed to continual improvement
  • Know how to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Demonstrate trust and are willing to be vulnerable about mistakes and weaknesses
  • Engage in positive, productive conflict and unfiltered debate of ideas
  • Can fully commit to corporate decisions, even if they disagree with some of them
  • Hold peers accountable in order to ensure we achieve our company goals on behalf of our customers
  • Are laser-focused upon achievement of Bluebeam’s company-wide results

 If you think you are a good match for the Bluebeam team, please send us the following:

  • Cover Letter that reflects your personality and your specific interest in this role and Bluebeam
  • Resume of experience and qualifications

Learn more about Bluebeam here:

Bluebeam is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We are committed to equal opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, gender, gender identity, parental or pregnancy status, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or veteran status.



Meet Some of Bluebeam's Employees

Stephanie S.

Senior Videographer

Stephanie heads into the action of Bluebeam’s partners to film footage for specific campaigns. Then she buckles down in-office to edit and piece together the best story possible.

Beth R.

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Beth oversees traditional and digital advertising while dabbling in social media and public relations. She also helps Bluebeam collect and analyze marketing metrics for future campaigns.

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