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Have you been looking for a dream job? A job that fulfills your desire to work with great people, serve great people, solve cool workflow problems with even cooler technology? A job where you can work as part of a new team in the Toronto area and help spread the good news about Bluebeam throughout Canada? Well, you just clicked the right button.

Bluebeam makes amazing markup and collaboration tools for architects, engineers, construction managers, building owners and facilities folks, manufacturing and automotive professionals, and many others. The tools we make have made project and building management much easier for the people engaged in those tasks, and have created more efficient workflows that allow people to work better together with less wasted time, money and paper. Yes, it’s an unbelievably rewarding experience. And we need more people to help us because we keep growing like the 8am line-up at a Tim Hortons drive-thru!

Our Account Services team is dedicated to providing first-class service to our customers. Employing a consultative approach to customer service and account management, here are some key responsibilities you’ll have:

  • We start by identifying our customers’ challenges and then finding the ways that our technology and service solutions meet those challenges, so you’ll need to have full knowledge of our product suite, pricing, and licensing options.
  • We’re going to need you to pick up the phone many times during the day and answer a whole lot of emails and ultimately present the software to prospective customers.
  • You’ll be processing orders, issuing quotes, and helping to determine what current practices may need to be updated. You’ll also be communicating important customer information to the appropriate teams or account managers.

Beyond the customer contact on the phone and via email, you will have a tonne of fun working for a work hard, play hard company that always takes its work seriously but never takes itself too seriously. You will make loads of friends and wonder why you didn’t look for this job a long time ago.

Now, about the skills and traits that you should have developed before you apply:

  • At least 3 years working in a professional customer-facing environment
  • You really need to be well organized, detail oriented and capable of prioritizing numerous tasks. Walk, chew gum, talk software.
  • You must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. We will ask you to do lots of listening, but eventually we’ll need you to reply. Please check your speling before you submit your cover letter!
  • You must have great interpersonal and customer service skills so that when you reply it makes sense. And you made a new friend!
  • You must be generally flexible in order to successfully complete the job responsibilities in a timely manner. No yoga required.
  • You must be a self-starter, able to work independently, and be comfortable with ambiguity. Huh?
  • Must be well organized, detail oriented and able to prioritize numerous tasks.
  • You must demonstrate emotional maturity and sound judgment. Tantrums are discouraged.
  • You must have a helpful personality and like to solve customer business problems. Trust me; we’ll know if you’re faking it.
  • You must be comfortable learning new technology. I mean, this is a software company after all.
  • It would be lovely if you have had some experience in a technical field (hardware/software).
  • It would also be nice if you have had some experience in the Architectural and/or Construction fields.
  • Si vous pouvez écrire et parler français, ce serait magnifique!
  • Please tell us that you have strong computer skills. This is the 21st We don’t want to teach you Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  • We’ll be really impressed if you tell us that you have worked with AutoCAD, Visio, MicroStation, SharePoint and/or Revu.
  • And we need to know that you’ve graduated from college or university.

This is a salary-based position (non-commission).

If you think you are good match for the Bluebeam team, please send us the following:

  • A personalized Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Describe in your own words how Account Specialists can effectively build strong relationships with customers.

To learn more about what it is like to work at Bluebeam, WATCH THIS:!


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