Sr. Data Engineer - Nexus / Core Data

Blizzard Entertainment games don’t just begin with game ideas, or end once those games are released. A lot more goes into the creation of a Blizzard product than the work of developers—and we support our games for years after they’re in the hands of gamers world-wide. 

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join our Global Insights team and shape the next generation of the global data infrastructure that powers all of analytics at Blizzard.

In this role, you will be tasked with the evolving design, development, maintenance, and overall integrity of a reliable, scalable data platform that empowers analytics at scale, is a trusted source of truth for analytical data, and provides the security of governance and control without impeding innovation or agility.  You will be an integral part of a cross-functional team dedicated to ensuring both strategic cohesion and operational integration between all components of the Global Insights tech stack; proactively identifying and responding to evolving user trends and needs; maximizing system and service stability, reliability, visibility, and overall output; and establishing best practices, providing ongoing consulting, training, troubleshooting, and optimization.

Ultimately, you will be responsible for providing accurate, timely, reliable, and ultimately useful data to the analytical data ecosystem.  This mandate involves everything from the discovery, access, and integration of source data into the ecosystem to guaranteeing its health and robustness within that ecosystem to modeling and presenting that data in a manner that allows stakeholders within the ecosystem to perform their duties effectively.  You will work closely with other members of the Core Data Team and the Tools and Technology team and will partner fully with the franchise Data Engineers to create a full understanding of the use cases and needs of stakeholders; you will use this deep understanding to develop standardized models and approaches that can then be leveraged by all other parties.  You will ultimately be responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and evolving pipeline components – processes, procedures, technology, et. al. - that together promote the maximum visibility and trust in the analytical data ecosystem overall.

Our ideal candidate is the personification of the Khala: a common thread binding all users together; a leyline into a reservoir of power, giving each individual the ability to tap into something both greater than their own island and shared between many; a give-and-take between the individual and the group by which individuals can take from the group what they need and the group can see what those needs are and make adjustments; something that exists above and beyond, held to a higher standard with a perfect clarity of purpose, but which ultimately exists to serve.


  • Design, develop, implement, and evolve data pipelines powering core data sets and key business and performance metrics for Blizzard
  • Identify, troubleshoot, and resolve any performance, system or data related issues, and work to ensure data consistency and integrity
  • Act as the “hub” team in a hub-and-spokes model, providing best practices and support to the franchise data engineer spokes
  • Work with the franchise data engineers as primary technical resources for system escalation
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute on complex technical projects affecting core data sets and key technologies
  • Collaborate with the franchise data engineers to exchange ideas and elevate once franchise-specific implementations into the core data infrastructure when needed
  • Ensure the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of analytical data
  • Act as a primary technical liaison between Global Insights and the greater tech organization at Blizzard


  • 5+ years working in a large analytical data ecosystem
  • Very trong technical understanding of data modeling, design, architecture principles, and techniques to take business requirements from concept to implementation
  • Very strong knowledge of relational databases, MPPs, SQL, with an emphasis on Teradata fundamentals
  • Very strong experience with the Hadoop ecosystem including HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, Hive/Pig, et. al
  • Strong experience and interest in system performance, optimization, stability, and reliability
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills across both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Knowledge of Python, Java, Linux architecture and scripting
  • Extensive background extracting and transforming complex data sets (ETL process design and administration)
  • Experience with database design and star schema data warehouse theory


  • Passionate video gamer with in-depth knowledge of Blizzard Entertainment games, products, and services
  • Experience in technical project management

Required Application Materials

    • Resume
    • Cover Letter including
      • Why you are interested in working at Blizzard
      • What games you are currently playing
      • The very first question you would answer if you were suddenly granted access to limitless data about Blizzard video games

Blizzard Entertainment is a global company committed to growing our employees along with the business. We offer generous benefits and perks with an eye on providing true work / life balance. We’ve worked hard to foster an intensely collaborative and creative environment, a diverse and inclusive employee culture, and training and opportunity for professional growth. Our people are everything. Our core values are real, and our mission has never changed. We are dedicated to creating the most epic entertainment experiences…ever. Join us!


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