Senior Quest Designer - Diablo IV

    • Irvine, CA

Job Title: Senior Quest Designer - Diablo IV

Requisition ID: R002493

Job Description:
The Diablo IV team is looking for a talented Senior Quest Designer with a combined gameplay and storytelling background to help us create storylines, quests, characters, and dialogue within the world of Sanctuary. The ideal candidate will be able to collaborate within design, worldbuilding, art, audio, cinematics, localization and engineering groups to efficiently and creatively implement quest focused content and write compelling game narrative with a firm understanding of how story translates into gameplay.


  • Expertise in Blizzards worlds and gameplay, specifically within the dark gothic stories and fantasy of Diablo
  • Strong understanding of quest gameplay concepts, pacing, character voice, and style of writing that works best for dark fantasy and gothic horror role-playing games
  • Ability to envision and create quests, stories, characters, and events
  • Extensive quest or content design experience. Ideally someone who has creatively owned and implemented a variety of quest content from concept to delivery
  • Able to communicate expertly, inspire creativity, and describe concepts to a wide variety of individuals and perspectives
  • Able to create and maintain a positive attitude in a driven, highly collaborative and iterative team environment
  • A minimum 5 years of experience in game design, including at least 2 years in a prior senior or lead position on a narrative or story driven game

  • Work with team leadership to set direction and tone for a variety of quests and storylines
  • Provide mentoring and clear, detailed feedback to other quest and content designers on gameplay and story delivery
  • Evaluate and critique environment designs, level design, creature spawning, creature abilities, NPC spawning and actions, and content flow
  • Write high-quality storylines with interesting plot, premise, characters, and dialogue
  • Meticulously craft quest content from inspiration, through concept, presentation, implementation, and iteration

  • Knowledge of successful intellectual properties in dark fantasy and gothic horror genres and speak to what made these successful
  • Experience with scripting languages such as LUA or Python
  • Working knowledge of technical writing and editing
  • Knowledge and creation of RPG maps and points of interest within a shared world
  • Experience creating and running pen and paper RPG campaigns, and / or live-action RPGs

Required Application Materials
  • Resume
  • Cover letter, including:
  • Inspirations you can use to craft content within Diablo
  • What games you are currently playing
  • Your experience with PC and Console role-playing games

Team Name:

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