Senior Game Security Engineer, Mobile

One of Blizzard Entertainment’s core values is “Play Nice, Play Fair” – we believe that epic gaming experiences begin with a level playing field. Because of that, we passionately do everything we can to combat cheating in our games. We want YOU to join this fight!

You will be tasked with providing security analysis of game systems and developing cutting edge anti-cheating tools and prevention / detection systems. We work with all games and software platforms produced by Blizzard, so we get exposed to a mind-boggling array of technologies – not only client and server security technologies and techniques, but graphics engines, machine learning, big / deep data systems etc. It’s an incredible place for passionate software engineers who love technology and games, and hate cheaters.


  • Development of server and client-side anti-cheat technologies (cross-platform, but with a mobile focus)
  • Research novel technologies to detect and prevent cheating and botting across all games
  • Integrate and operate these technologies across multiple Blizzard titles


  • 5+ years C/C++ development experience
  • Strong, well-rounded background in client, network, and application security
  • Able to communicate well with technical and non-technical personnel, including engineers, analysts, and producers
  • Experience and expertise reverse engineering native mobile applications (iOS / Android)
  • Understanding of ARM/ARM64/Thumb architectures
  • Understanding of iOS/Android system APIs and architecture
  • Experience building and debugging native mobile applications (gdb, lldb)
  • Experience working with mobile emulators
  • Deep understanding of program architecture and control flow
  • Working understanding of obfuscation and encryption techniques
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience


  • Experience with commercial protection and anti-tamper software
  • Passionate about stopping cheating in games
  • Experience instrumenting or manipulating programs at a binary level
  • Experience creating cheats for mobile games
  • Experience with *nix/BSD systems and APIs
  • Understanding of MachO and ELF binary formats
  • Experience using LLVM IR

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