Lead Software Engineer (C++), Gameplay

We are seeking a brave Lead Gameplay Engineer to bridge engineering and content creation as we set off together to explore new territory!

You’ll join a small team of developers working on the core elements of an exciting new mobile Blizzard game. You will play a key role in shaping both the game and our team on our quest to bring together players from all over the world.


  • Collaborate with designers and artists to achieve and extend the vision of the game
  • Partner with the entire engineering team to guide gameplay from project infancy into a full-fledged gameplay team
  • Understand and articulate the trade-offs between content & feature creation and technical choices


  • Strong engineering skills and a demonstrated ability to collaborate with all departments to build a gameplay codebase from the beginning all the way to production
  • Proficient in both written and verbal communication with technical and non-technical developers
  • Comfortable wandering around unexplored game design territory, and excited to help refine ideas into shippable features
  • Fluent in C++ and experience in secondary languages (eg: Python, Lua or C#)
  • Previous leadership/mentorship experience or leadership interest and potential
  • Experience building client/server network games
  • Passion for co-op, role-playing or other Blizzard games


  • Experience shipping mobile games
  • Experience in other areas of game development (UI, Client, Server, Tools)
  • Experience developing with off-the shelf engine (Unity, Unreal) or custom game engines
  • Previous experience as a lead on a shipping/live game

Meet Some of Blizzard Entertainment's Employees

Ashleigh W.

Prop Artist

Creating props for World of Warcraft means Ashleigh gets to act as an interior decorator for the game—crafting anything the characters would make, from initial concept to completion.

Julie A.

Sr. Software Engineer

Working within the In-Game Cinematics Team, Julie helps supply all the technology, tools, and workflows that enable artists to create amazing content for in-game cinematic sequences.

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