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Environment Artist

3+ months agoSanta Monica, CA

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Job Title: Environment Artist

Requisition ID: R005490

Job Description:
Environment Artist - Dungeons, Architecture, and Props

As an environment artist, you will help bring Blizzard's signature art style to global audiences, and your charge is to help define and maintain the artistic vision as set forth by the art director. This will include giving direction on art assets produced by external partners, such as concepts, modeling, UV mapping, texturing, and lighting.

You should have the ability to provide clear paint-over and verbal feedback to other artists, both within Blizzard and with external partners.


  • Ability to concept architecture (both interiors & exteriors) and props.
  • Solid grasp of a hand painted style and architecture fundamentals.
  • Own the quality control over incoming art assets, providing detailed feedback and approvals to the vendor, to deliver quality assets to the development team.
  • Create benchmark art assets and best practices guides.
  • Serve as an active participant in team art discussions, critiques, and reviews.
  • Maintain clear and concise communication, relying on effective people skills.

  • 5+ years of experience as an environment artist and/or outsource supervisor.
  • Experience lighting environments and has a solid grasp of architecture fundamentals.
  • Knowledgeable about modern texturing workflows, like PBR, is a plus.
  • Understands real-time game development needs.
  • Experience working with outsourcing, as well as mentoring other artists, is a plus.
  • A deep understanding of Blizzard's art style, and a passion for Blizzard franchises.
  • Ability to collaborate closely with other artists and design teams.

  • Resume
  • Portfolio website or Demo reel