Manager, Software Development

    • Veenendaal, Netherlands

The Manager, Software Development is responsible for leading a talented, cross functional team in enhancing our high performance, cloud-based, SaaS web application.  We're looking for people who not only have a strong technical background and interest, but who want to drive innovation in people management, motivation and growth.   You’ll be working with and mentoring talented individuals and working closely with other teams and departments to brainstorm, innovate and ultimately deliver the best user experience.  If you don't just see management as the next logical step, but are a passionate, driven leader, you can be a great fit for our team.


  • Manage a cross functional Agile Team, including Front-end and Back-end Developers to deliver valuable functionality to our clients.
  • Define and drive an overall unifying vision for the team and its projects, processes, workflows, and related areas through motivation, consensus building and leading change.
  • Implement and drive adaptations to team and strategic organizational processes, workflows, and related areas.
  • Leverage your technical and domain knowledge to partner with Product Management, Cloud Ops and your team in defining project deliverables, coming up with innovative solutions and, to successfully plan, manage and drive the timely delivery of product roadmap.
  • Understand core strengths and weaknesses across team members, and proactively mentor them in order to capitalize upon their strengths or mitigate gaps.
  • Effectively plan, communicate and conduct presentations (project milestones, risk mitigation, road maps, resource needs, technical information, etc.) for senior management and stakeholders, while conveying and driving actionable items to your team.
  • Partner with architects to design exceptional scalable, extensible and reliable solutions.
  • Manage budget and resources for your team.
  • Effectively communicate and resolve personnel issues on your team.
  • Contribute to design reviews, code reviews and hands-on work in your respective domain.
  • Manage day to day administrative tasks such as time off requests, sick days, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Recent prior experience as a Manager and/or Technical Lead in developing SAP applications, with at least 8 years of experience in developing enterprise software.
  • 2+ years of onsite employee supervisory experience.
  • Exceptional communication and people skills, with a passion for product excellence, talent development and mentoring.
  • Must be proficient in English language – both writing and verbal; Dutch language is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Build, Deployment, and Continuous Integration concepts and best practices, including full SDLC.
  • Strong experience in Agile methodology, processes, and best practices. Able to coach teams on this topic.
  • Experience in TDD concepts, methodologies, and best practices (i.e., mocks, spies, unit tests, code coverage, etc.). BDD experience is a plus.
  • Experience with technical design and hands-on work within SAP ERP and related stacks, as well as OOP in SAP ABAP, including ABAP on HANA using ADT, data representations such as Canonical model, and preferably a modern OOP-based language (C#, Java, Python, etc.)
  • Experience in modern SAP Platforms, including data modeling techniques, such as, Native HANA SQL and CDS, ABAP CDS, DCL access policies, Gateway, GW Service and Odata. Experience with HANA public cloud and SAP cloud platform is a plus.
  • Recent experience working with, troubleshooting and tuning across all layers of a modern SaaS, N-Tier, web-based application.
  • Understanding of QA standards and best practices, including automation, regression testing, white/black-box testing, and related QA processes.
  • BS, EE or CS degree or equivalent.

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