Customer Support, Associate

As a part of Customer Support, the Associate role will be responsible for quickly resolving or triaging incoming questions and software incidents. Associates are expected to support multiple software solutions that commonly serve the philanthropic and educational communities. Associates attempt to resolve cases on the first contact, utilizing self-service resources or triage more complex issues to senior personnel. Associates are expected to consistently answer basic questions for their solution group, while exceeding quality and satisfaction standards. Associates will edit, create and publish Knowledgebase content for customer self-service and will focus on increasing knowledge on their solution groups.

In general, Customer Support provides a range of services to assist customers in making correct use of Blackbaud's software, which includes troubleshooting reported incidents or answering questions about software functionality and its application. At more advanced levels, Customer Support handles escalated issues, such as software defects or complex software functionality questions. Additionally, at advanced levels, Customer Support works closely with Sustained Engineering, who investigates and resolves code-related issues, and also with Product Management to facilitate the readiness of Customer Support to support new features and releases.


The Associate has responsibilities to:

  • Proficiently and consistently resolve basic issues for all solutions within their solution group
  • Quickly identify when issues are more complex and gather appropriate information to triage to senior personnel to resolve
  • Author, edit and publish quality Knowledgebase content to improve customer self-service resources
  • Accurately capture case notes, document activities and manage cases in a way that is clear, concise and actionable by other internal resources and a customer viewing from the case portal
  • Accurately link and categorize cases upon case closure to help inform root cause of customer contacts

In general, Customer Support has the overall responsibilities to:

  • Respond to new tickets with an initial response and attempt to resolve on the first contact
  • Gather necessary information to advance the case to higher-skilled support personnel when necessary
  • Author Knowledgebase content, utilizing KCS methodologies, to just-in-time publish or edit existing Knowledgebase solutions
  • Capture case trend data, through use of incident categorization fields, that help inform root cause of customer contacts
  • Report service incidents or service requests to internal groups, acting as the customer-facing liaison for all service-related needs
  • Be responsible for accuracy and timeliness of case notes, regular customer follow-up on open incidents, and quick resolution of reported incidents within customer expectations
  • Stay informed on product changes and rapidly learn information about product functionality changes

Education and Experience:

  • Demonstrated ability to be diplomatic, and tactful in dealing with diverse people
  • Demonstrated ability to rapidly learn new concepts and ideas
  • Proven ability to ask critical, insightful questions and probe for information to facilitate problem solving
  • Demonstrated ability to act as a calming and settling influence in tense situations. Is looked to by others for directions and guidance
  • Demonstrated ability to integrate unrelated information and develop highly creative, strategic approaches
  • Demonstrated ability to accurately predict behaviors across a variety of situations using a keen insight into others
  • Demonstrated ability to create effective strategies for complex cross-organizational projects
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in situations characterized by continual change
  • Proven ability to quickly and efficiently identify key issues or variables to consider in making important decisions
  • Demonstrated ability to anticipate obstacles or problems. Takes timely steps to minimize impact on intended results
  • Demonstrated ability to create long term strategies that anticipate customer needs/expectations
  • Associate or Bachelor's degree or previous technical troubleshooting experience preferred

Meet Some of Blackbaud's Employees

Amanda G.

Software Engineer

Amanda spends her days writing the custom code that powers outstanding software solutions Blackbaud’s company clients use to further important causes in the community.

Lauren J.

Associate Account Executive

Lauren works hand-in-hand with customers and account executives to fit software and service puzzle pieces together so that she can offer the most successful solutions possible to each Blackbaud customer.

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