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Better is revolutionizing the $12 trillion mortgage business. Americans pay more money for housing than they do for almost all other things combined — 33% of personal consumption expenditure. Yet for how common getting a home loan is, the process still takes 49 days, costs over $5,000 in administrative fees, and requires over 225 pages of paper and endless phone calls with commissioned loan brokers. We think this is a poor user experience — so we’re fixing it.

First, we bought an existing mortgage bank and brought together great engineers from companies like Spotify and Google with folks who've been making mortgages for years. Now, we’re leveraging advances in data science, machine learning and UX design to make mortgages simple, transparent, and delightful. We currently give consumers rates in 3 seconds and approvals 3 minutes, not days. Last month alone, we funded over $60 million in mortgages. This coming year we will do over $1 billion — and we’re just getting started.

Help make financing a home better for all Americans.

A Better Opportunity

Better is looking for a Residential Mortgage Loan Underwriter to join the team. This person will be responsible for evaluating borrower financial and credit information in tandem with property valuations in order to make lending decisions based upon established underwriting guidelines. They will be expected to work closely with all members of the production team throughout the process to bring loans to closing.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Underwrite and decision agency conforming and jumbo residential mortgage loans
  • Verify and analyze all necessary financial information and documentation; ensure that loan files contain all necessary credit and legal documents
  • Review appraisal reports and communicate with appraisers to resolve any discrepancies discovered in appraisal
  • Perform thorough analysis of applicant's income and expense data, self-employment documentation, credit reports, and property valuations in order to affirm borrower qualifies for loan
  • Calculate qualifying ratios, determine creditworthiness; provide risk opinions

Attributes we value:

  • 3+ years of experience underwriting FNMA, FHLMC, FHA and Jumbo mortgages
  • Expert knowledge of Desktop Underwriter (DU) & Loan Prospector (LP)
  • Extensive knowledge of all mortgage loan documentation
  • Categorical understanding of the mortgage lending process
  • Ability to carry out requisite loan calculations (DTI, LTV, etc.)
  • Capable of preparing reports of findings
  • Ability to handle multiple files simultaneously
  • Capable of communicating clearly with both borrowers and management
  • Perform well in team environments


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