A Better company

It’s hard not to be excited about mortgages when you’re actively upending the conventions of a $13 trillion dollar business that impacts over 200 million Americans.

At Better, we’re building a next-generation mortgage lender from the ground up. Our team combines leading software engineers from tech giants like Google and Spotify with financial talent from firms like Blackstone and Bridgewater, creating a hybrid institution unlike any other.

Rife with antiquated processes, the home finance industry has remained fundamentally unchanged since the 1970s. As we break down the entrenchments that bar so many from the benefits of homeownership, we adhere to three basic principles:

  • Humans are better than computers at expressing empathy, understanding individual situations, and creating solutions to help people. Let them.
  • Computers are more efficient than humans at working with massive data sets, performing complex calculations, and validating thousands of rules. Use them.
  • The rules of the status quo are broken. Change them.

Join our mortgage revolution.

A Better opportunity

You will be at the frontline (literally) of the office, giving our visitors their first in-person impression of Better. In addition to settling guestseveryone from candidates, investors, VIPs, and morein our always-neat reception area, your daily tasks will include opening the office, resetting conference rooms, answering the phone, and managing delivery handlers.

Hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

Attributes we value

The ideal candidate will be a highly-organized, outgoing communicator capable of delivering best-in-class service, while maintaining composure in a fast-paced environment.

  • You have at least one year prior experience in customer service.
  • You have excellent communication skills and aren’t afraid to ask questions when you need help.
  • You enjoy learning and can quickly get up to speed on any topic.
  • You pay attention to detail and are extremely organized, even when things get crazy.
  • You think outside of the box in difficult situations: giving up is never an option.
  • Bachelor's degree required.

Meet Some of Better Mortgage's Employees

Vishal G.

Founder & CEO

It's not just about having the best idea—it's about actually making it happen.

Fil Z.

Head of Product

Fil filters the needs and preferences of users to the engineers who build Better’s features. He also works with the Operations Team to improve productivity and tighten the iteration cycle.

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