Product Data Analyst

A Better company

We believe homeownership is valuable. Here’s why: Not only has homeownership historically been one of the most reliable ways to build wealth, it also strengthens ties to the community and contributes positively to overall well-being. The way the mortgage industry operates today makes it harder and harder for people to consider homeownership -- so we set out to change that. The traditional mortgage process is designed to confuse, riddled with unnecessary fees, takes too much time, and is built on a foundation of misaligned incentive structures. It’s time Americans had a Better option.

A Better option is one that puts customers in control of the largest financial transaction of their lives. It’s built with best-in-class technology, supported by non-commissioned staff, and offers affordable financing options that meet customers where they are.

Since 2016, we’ve already funded over $1B in loans, raised $75M in capital, and won the NerdWallet Best Online Mortgage Lender for Customer Service and we’re just getting started.

Trying to modernize a decades old industry isn’t easy, but it is supremely rewarding. Become part of a Better team.

A Better opportunity

Transforming a thirteen trillion dollar industry is a huge challenge and our Product team is constantly working on improving everything we do.  We’re looking for a Product Analyst to be a key part of how this team identifies, prioritizes and solves these challenges.

You’ll be tasked with turning our treasure trove of usage data collected from numerous sources into actionable insights that inform all of the work we do in Product.  Thanks to your work, entire feature teams will have a clearer picture of the work they’re doing and its impact. They’ll make better decisions with more confidence. Love songs will be written about you and you will be greeted each morning by the high fives of adoring coworkers who eagerly await every insight you provide to them.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Work with the team to identify the right questions we should be asking.
  • Navigate the huge wealth of data in our data warehouse to find the data points that can answer the business questions our Product teams are facing.
  • Use the statistical tools of your choice (Python, R, Matlab, TI 85 calculator) to analyze that data and find the answers.
  • Craft those insights into a compelling narrative to be consumed by PMs, engineers and our stakeholders throughout the organization.  Use graphs, slide decks, examples, metrics and dashboards to make your point understood.
  • Find ways to spread the learnings throughout the organization to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Provide input to our Data Engineering team on ways to capture additional valuable data.

Attributes we value

  • Rock solid SQL skills.  There’s nothing you can’t query out of the database.
  • Great statistical analysis abilities.  You’re able to separate signal from the noise and articulate it with the appropriate degree of confidence.   You have 3+ years of relevant professional and/or academic experience with statistical analysis.
  • Communicate insights succinctly in both written and verbal formats.  You are clear and concise articulating your findings.
  • Great data visualization abilities.  You are able to enhance how insights are communicated using appropriate visualizations.
  • Good business sense.  You have a history of working with other parts of an organization to translate  between business needs and analytics capabilities.
  • Eagerness for impact.  You are driven to see your data insights turn into actions that impact the lives of our users and operations teams.


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