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At Better, our mission is to make the experience of getting a mortgage fast, simple, and totally better.

From our office in New York, NY, we are revolutionizing a $12 trillion industry. Americans pay more for housing than for almost all other things combined – 33% of personal consumption expenditure. Yet somehow the mortgage process still takes nearly 50 days, costs over $5,000 in administrative fees, and requires over 225 pages of paper and endless phone calls with commissioned loan brokers. We think this is insane – so we’re fixing it.  

Backed with $30M+ in venture funding, our team combines leading technologists from companies like Spotify and Google with a mortgage bank that has three generations of experience. Together we’re using data science, machine learning and UX design to make the mortgage experience what it should be -- an enjoyable and exciting part of the biggest transaction in many Americans’ lives.

So far we’ve achieved:

  • Competitive rates quoted in just 3 seconds
  • Initial approval in 3 minutes
  • 100% online application process
  • 0% loan officer commission

We’ll fund over $1 billion in mortgages this year, and we’re just getting started.  Join us and help make financing a home better for all Americans.  

We're always look for top talent from a variety of backgrounds. If you don't see a current job opening that's right for you, but passionate about helping us fix the mortgage industry, apply here via our General application! 

Meet Some of Better Mortgage's Employees

Fil Z.

Head of Product

Fil filters the needs and preferences of users to the engineers who build Better’s features. He also works with the Operations Team to improve productivity and tighten the iteration cycle.

Jillian W.

Chief Valuation Officer

Jillian handles procedures related to appraisals and property evaluations to make them fast and efficient. She also identifies system bottlenecks and keeps issues from affecting customers.

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