Information Security Engineer

What you can expect to work on in this role

Information Security Engineering is tasked with protecting Betterment from malicious actors and streamlining security processes to advance security as we scale. We strive to adopt innovative solutions to problems and apply concepts of attack driven defense to improve our security posture. You know that you should be designing solutions that mitigate risk rather than check boxes.

You will partner with teams across the business to ensure that we make strategic decisions informed by security analysis, build automated systems to harden our infrastructure, and implement methods to detect and respond to intrusions as they happen.

Work with other engineering teams to

  • Provide subject matter expertise in all areas security, including authentication, architecture, data protection, and systems security
  • Design and implement solutions to detect and prevent compromise; from initial compromise through persistence, lateral movement, and exfiltration
  • Lead security incident response activities
  • Use attack driven techniques to improve our applications and systems defenses, and discover new vulnerabilities across our production, corporate and cloud infrastructure
  • Automate and streamline existing security processes and procedures
  • Perform cutting-edge applied research on new attacks and present new findings to both internal and external audiences

You’ll answer questions like

  • What techniques can we use to prevent and detect lateral movement?
  • How do you leverage large data sets to identify anomalous activity?
  • How do you minimize damage from compromise of your environment?
  • What can we improve to promote security conscious culture so everyone feels accountable for protecting the assets of the fastest growing automated investment advisor?

You'll be effective if you

  • Have deep technical knowledge of security and systems engineering, and understanding of defensive and detective techniques
  • Want to automate security defense, detection, and response
  • Can integrate off the shelf and custom security tools to build a complete solution
  • Understand the people aspects of security and enjoy collaborating with others to build secure things
  • Make contributions to the security community such as research, public CVEs, bug-bounty recognitions, open-source projects, and blogs or publications
  • Are willing to compromise when necessary and hold your ground when essential
  • Want to build things as much as you want to break things
  • Thrive in a startup environment

Tools in your belt

Open source and commercial security tools, manual testing methods, Python or other similar scripting language, AWS, and a solid ability to think like an attacker.

At Betterment, you’re going to

  • Build secure things and break the unbreakable
  • Automate and scale security
  • Instrument our tools to protect against and detect advanced adversaries

Come join us

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