Engineering Manager - Trading

What you can expect to work on in this role:

On any given day, Betterment needs to securely buy and sell millions of dollars in assets. Every transaction flows through a complicated series of risk checks, tax algorithms, drift calculations, and liquidity scenarios to ensure the best possible returns for our customers. We use complex algorithmic and mathematical models, all of which need to execute quickly and precisely in production.

Furthermore, every ounce of efficiency and scale we pour into our trading systems translates into more value for Betterment’s customers. As the engineering manager for the trading team, you'll help balance on-time delivery of new trading features alongside system stability and scale.

You will guide the team to answer questions like:

  • How can we decompose long-term trading projects into small, releasable achievements that provide incremental value to our customers?
  • How can we increase the efficiency of our systems by an order of magnitude to align with future scaling requirements?
  • What code patterns and testing approaches do we need to guarantee that we never, ever fail in an unexpected or undefined way?

At Betterment you will get to:

  • Build things people love. Our goal is to delight our customers whenever possible. Sleek design, simple user experience, and access to smart decisions help us to achieve it
  • Take your ideas to the next level right away. We experiment, iterate, learn, and repeat
  • Collaborate, with purpose. You’ll work in small groups with other talented thinkers and figure out how to make Betterment’s revolutionary software even better.
  • Gain trust through openness. We believe in taking the guesswork out of investing. That means a consistent experience for our customers — you’ll build the tools to make it possible
  • Craft efficiency. Our software helps customers save time and money. We maintain it through clean code, pragmatic programming, and lean engineering
  • Work with people who care. Half of our team is made up of engineers but we believe everyone at Betterment is an engineer with their own tools. We’re a group of talented engineers who pride ourselves on what we do
  • We’re smart, creative, high-energy, and lots of fun

You will be effective if you have:

  • Enjoy hands-on managing, mentoring, and inspiring a team of talented engineers
  • Have a real passion for software engineering and building what doesn’t yet exist
  • Expertise in Java, Spring, and Hibernate (or a similar server-side stack)
  • Enjoy discussions about trading algorithms and mathematical optimization problems
  • Know when to make the trade-offs required to ship without compromising quality
  • Appreciate that investing in solid tests pays for itself several times over
  • Value agility and pragmatism in software development
  • Have a track record of leading highly productive engineering teams

About Betterment

Betterment is the largest independent online financial advisor with more than $12 billion in assets under management. The service is designed to help increase customers’ long-term returns and lower taxes for retirement planning, building wealth, and other financial goals. Betterment takes advanced investment strategies and uses technology to deliver them to more than 300,000 customers across its three business lines: direct-to-consumer, Betterment for Advisors, and Betterment for Business. Learn more

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Cyrus runs Betterment's Financial Planning Team. He's responsible for building delightful customer experiences that help users make smart and profitable financial investments.

Shawn L.

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Shawn connects with Betterment’s customer base via phone, email, and online chat, and handles any inquiries or issues excellently and expeditiously in their best interest.

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