Software Engineer (ATL)

BetterCloud is the first unified SaaS management platform, empowering organizations to securely adopt and manage best-in-breed SaaS applications. Every day, thousands of customers rely on BetterCloud to centralize SaaS management, automate workflows and compliance policies, and surface relevant insights across SaaS applications.

We are a high energy, high growth startup, is seeking an enterprising individual to join our growing team. While the majority of our development is done in Java we also have code written in Scala, C#, Go, and Javascript.  We are looking for engineers who love building software, regardless of the languages they’ve used in the past.  If you’re a solid engineer we’ll help you learn the specifics of a particular language on the job.

Our products live in the cloud on both Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.  Our tech stack includes Angular.js and GWT on the front end, Java (primarily), Scala, Go, and C# on the application side, and a mix of relational and NoSQL solutions on the back end including Cassandra, ElasticSearch, BigTable, and MySQL. Stream processing and the ability to handle large amounts of traffic and data are a must for us so Kafka, Samza, RabbitMQ, and other technologies are all in the mix as well.

We don’t expect anyone to have experience with all of these technologies.  We’re simply looking for engineers who are great at what they do, love it, and are eager to learn.  If you have these qualities and are willing to hit the ground running then we’re the place for you!


  • 1-3 years experience with Java or some other object-oriented language
  • 1-3 years experience doing full stack development (no worries, we have folks to help with the HTML and CSS but the stronger you are at these technologies the more we can do!)
  • A working knowledge of Git or some other source control tool
  • The desire to further your career by learning and working with cutting edge technologies
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment
  • A working knowledge of Scrum or some other agile software methodology (Kanban, DSDM, etc…)
  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering

Compensation | Benefits

  • Competitive base salary
  • Full benefits package
  • Stock Options
  • Career growth with an industry innovator


Meet Some of BetterCloud's Employees

Shaun C.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Shaun collects all BetterCloud data on internal processes and products and turns it into actionable insights anyone on the team can use to streamline development or product growth.

Abigail H.

Talent Acquisition Manager

Abby heads BetterCloud recruiting efforts to load up both the Atlanta and New York City offices with passionate people who also have exceptional technical skills.

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