Venture Team Assistant

About BCG Digital Ventures
We invent, build and invest in startups with the world’s most influential companies. We are an ever-growing global team of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, product managers and marketer that redefine limits, seek differences, embrace risks and build partnerships. We look for creativity, craftsmanship and the ability to solve difficult problems. Our passion is building products and services for new companies that improve people’s lives. We believe that every individual can have a significant impact in creating innovative products. Together, we are helping corporations own the next horizon of innovation.

Introducing our Venture Operations Team
Are you up for the adventure of a lifetime? Our Venture Operations Team is how we redefine what’s possible.  It’s where organizational insight aligns with operational excellence to keep our business thriving and producing imaginative ventures that have to be seen to be believed.
From human resources and information technology to marketing and operations management, the Venture Operations in the internal force that drives us forward, enabling us to expand the limits of human expectation with our compelling products, services and ventures.
The Venture Operation Team in Shanghai is still very small .  So each person is required to corporate mutually at the same time to work independently.
About the position
Working as part of a project team, provide high-level executive and general office support in a demanding, fast-paced professional services environment.









As a Project Team Assistant, you will use your skills to:

  • Support various administrative tasks in project teams
  •     Respond to project leader’s requests in logistics
  •      Arrange client, project team, and other meetings
  •       Arrange domestic/international business travel
  • Document various materials
  •      Presentation material for client meetings, internal meetings with PowerPoint
  •       Control work-road and process to delivery
  •       Proof read and print
  • Other Responsibility
  •       Support or organize internal event (ex. Sharing sessions, Board meetings)
  •       Handle and direct inbound phone calls
  •       Take care of guests

  • 支持项目团队中的各种管理任务
  • 响应项目负责人的要求
  • 安排客户、项目团队和其他会议
  • 安排国内/国际商务旅行

  • 文件资料相关
  • 客户会议的演示资料,PowerPoint的内部会议
  • 控制和交付过程
  • 校对和打印

  • 其他事项
  • 支持或组织内部活动
  • 组织电话会议
  • 接待客户

Job Requirements

  • Background:
  • <Must>
    - Bachelor's degree or higher
    - 3 years or more professional experience
    · Secretary experience or Group Assistant Experience (in any department, such as Sales Assistant)
  • Skills:
  • - Strong service orientation and sensitivity in responding to customer needs
    - Ability to handle difficult situation with poise, understanding and tact
    - Ability to handle competing priorities, keeping constant sight of the overall objectives
    - High communication skills
    - OA skill (PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
  • - Business level English skill (Read / Write: Required, Oral: Preferable)

  • 背景:
  • <必需>-学士学位或以上-3年或以上专业经验
  • <优先>秘书或集团助理经验(在任何部门,如销售助理)

  • 技能:
  • 强烈的服务导向和对客户需求的敏感性-有能力以冷静、理解和机智处理困难情况
  • 处理竞争的优先事项的能力,经常看到总体目标-较高的沟通技巧-办公自动化技能(PowerPoint,Excel,Word)
  • 商务英语水平(读/写:必需,口头:优先)

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