Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer
We’re BCG Digital Ventures. Welcome!
Have you always wanted to work in a dynamic, fast moving startup, but were put off by the associated risk? At BCG Digital Ventures we launch a new business every month and we have the backing of one of the world’s leading consultancy firms: the Boston Consulting Group. We combine BCG’s resources and domain expertise with our diverse, global team of accomplished designers, engineers, product experts and business strategists to launch ventures in many different industries, incorporating cutting edge technology such as blockchain or machine learning. All of us are entrepreneurs at heart, seeking to move quickly and nimbly in order to find new ways of delivering value to our customers.
As a DevOps engineer you will be a valued member of a multi-skilled venture team, building disruptive and innovate products and businesses. We operate in a truly agile fashion, so you will get to deliver working software to customers daily and learn from the results. You will bring your experience and skill to bear on the multitude of new and exciting challenges that appear when trying to bring a new product or business to market. Is this an exciting adventure that you’d like to be part of?
As an Infrastructure Engineer you’ll work across multiple agile venture teams, and take a shared responsibility for crafting and implementing successful products. You’ll have hands-on involvement building deployment and testing pipelines, automating cloud infrastructure and support service provisioning. Think of yourself as an internal consultant, cross-pollinating all venture teams with good practises, tooling, and expertise.
We want to focus our efforts in the right areas, so we’ll always default to using established open source or SaaS products over building or hosting our own (e.g. we’re not going to ask you to run and maintain our own production Kubernetes cluster). Despite the variety of our work, there will always be certain commonalities at the infrastructure and platform levels. As such, we’ll be looking for you to take a lead in standardising and bootstrapping our ventures, while leaving space for innovation and evolution where required.
Does this sound like an exciting adventure that you'd like to be part of?
What you'll bring
·        Excellent interpersonal skills and an appetite to collaborate with, upskill, and empower multiple distinct teams
·        Extensive experience using PaaS cloud (primarily AWS but we also use GCE and Heroku)
·        Ideas around how DevOps values, principles and practises can help us achieve our goals
·        A focus on building simple, extensible systems that allow us to find product market fit and subsequently scale and commercialize successful business
·        A good grasp of security practises (e.g. secrets management, user identity) and associated tooling
·        Experience of the benefits and trade-offs involved in building, maintaining and operating distributed systems
·        Experience in production system logging, monitoring and observability
·        Real passion for releasing working software to customers daily using Continuous Delivery tooling and practises
·        Experience working with the following: Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Lambda
·        Scripting and programming languages e.g. Python, Ruby, Golang, etc.
·        A basic understanding of automated testing approaches and tools
What you'll get to do
·        Influence not just the technical direction of multiple businesses, but of Digital Ventures itself
·        Enjoy a diverse, collaborative, environment where your expertise and talent are highly valued
·        Be instrumental in the founding and growth of successful startups
·        Build new and exciting products using the latest technologies and tools
·        Work with a diverse and talented team who have a wide range of experience growing successful startups
Languages / Frameworks
Ruby/Rails, Go, Python, JavaScript
Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, AWS Lambda
BCG Digital Ventures is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state or local law. To learn more, visit us at

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