Lead Venture Architect

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Lead Venture Architect

We’re BCG Digital Ventures. Welcome.
We are an ever-growing global team of the world’s most remarkable entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, venture architects, product experts and investors. Our ventures create a strategic advantage for the most important global companies.
This is BCG Digital Ventures. Adventure awaits you…

Introducing our Venture Architect Team.
We have entered a decade of disruption of large corporate business models, driven by a step change in the power of technology and the audacity and speed of start-ups. To be fit for the future, visionary companies will deliberately re-imagine themselves by injecting or attacking established models with new ideas fuelled by technology.
Our Venture Architect Team consists of world-class business leaders, corporate strategists, product specialists and designers. Together, we are helping corporations own the next horizon of innovation.
·         Demonstrate leadership across all stages of the BCG Digital Ventures business model, including innovation, product development, incubation and commercialization
·         Support Principals and Directors in leading a cross-functional team of senior professionals to build and launch new ventures, products and services on behalf of clients, adhering to strict deadlines and integrating all perspectives into a strong product brief
·         Analyze start-up deal flow to understand imminent disruptions and identify tech acceleration opportunities
·         Establish key performance indicators for venture outcomes while also defining the business model and case for new ventures, products and services
·         Define the business model options and case for new ventures, products and services
·         Develop the economic model and business plan for new ventures, products and services
·         Test and validate assumptions while creating a sensitivity analysis for key drivers
·         Assess internal capabilities and capacities to develop a sourcing strategy
·         Quantify business value and funding models
·         Define the commercial launch and go-to-market strategy
·         Create the framing report (an overview and explanation of the project scope, objective and hypothesis) for new initiatives
·         Collaborate with the Strategic Design and Product Development leads, as well as clients, to define a minimum viable business build (or product / service)
·         Plan and deliver new ventures, products and services
·         Mobilize new venture models by defining the target state, commercial partnership construct and success criteria
·         Adopt a lean start-up approach to building a minimum viable business and go-to-market strategy
·         Outline key team roles and responsibilities across work streams
·         Identify required partners for regulatory requirements or support needs
·         Define the investment business case and outline key performance, measurement and reporting frameworks
·         Explore and define commercial partnership options with the client, considering alternate fee arrangements as appropriate
·         Work with Strategic Design and Product Development leads, as well as clients, to align feature prioritization with go-to-market testing
·         Facilitate the build and testing of operational processes, systems and reporting capabilities
·         Implement an early feedback loop to enable continuous feedback, learning and iteration for ventures, products and services
·         Monitor and report key business and customer success measures to clients, including regulatory reporting, celebrating successes and balancing opportunities for improvement
·         Review service-level outcomes across support partners, ensuring accountability and providing feedback for change where required
·         Mobilize follow-on release plans with consideration to both the run and change aspects of the venture, balancing value creation with quality of product and service
·         Foster an environment of innovation and customer centricity, institutionalizing agile innovation practices and a customer insight to action culture
Client Management (all phases)
·         Help strike the balance between clients’ needs and business requirements
·         Ensure all perspectives are appropriately represented

Business Development and IP Creation (outside of Venture work)
·         Contribute to business development ahead of, as well as throughout, client engagements
·         Create intellectual property, points of view and industry/ topic platforms
·         Contribute to the development of thought leadership across a range of emerging business, technology and design topics
·         Design and facilitate co-creation sessions with multi-disciplinary client teams
·         Several years experience with strategy development, business planning and future visioning, as well as quantitative and economic modeling (preferred)
·         Design or product development expertise
·         A background in product prototyping and testing
·         A bachelor’s degree (business, psychology, economics, strategy or equivalent from a top-tier institution preferred)
·         A master’s degree (postgraduate, MBA or equivalent study)
·         Experience in a high-pressure start-up environment with exposure to multidisciplinary teams and/or involvement with a top-tier consulting firm

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