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BCG Digital Ventures is a corporate investment and incubation firm. We invent, build and invest in startups with the world’s most influential companies. We share risk and invest alongside our corporate and startup partners via a range of collaborative options.
Founded in 2014, we have major Innovation and Investment Centers in Manhattan Beach, Berlin, London, Sydney, San Francisco and New York, as well as DV Hatches in Silicon Valley, Seattle and Mexico City, with more locations opening in the coming quarters. Our Centers and Hatches are home to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, operators and investors who are building businesses, creating and expanding markets and developing new technologies that benefit millions of people across the globe.

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Introducing our Venture Build Team.
We have entered a decade of disruption of large corporate business models, driven by a step change in the power of technology and the audacity and speed of start-ups. To be fit for the future, visionary companies will deliberately re-imagine themselves by injecting or attacking established models with new ideas fuelled by technology.
Our Venture Build Team consists of world-class business leaders, product designers, engineers and technology experts. Together, we are helping corporations own the next horizon of innovation.

Android Engineers are responsible for implementing the visual and interactive elements of a native mobile (phone or tablet) application on Android platforms that engage users in online experiences.

As a Senior Android Engineer you will use your skills to:

  • Demonstrate and communicate a passion for realizing the visual and interaction designs of native mobile Android apps at scale.
  • Deliver empowering user experiences from start to finish by applying user interface toolkits, widgets, and animation techniques.
  • Design and build smooth and stable products by integrating platform technologies such as persistence, networking and test-driven development to communicate with Internet-scale back-ends.
  • Collaborate and communicate product ideas in a multi-functional team of engineers, designers and key individuals in an effective manner.
  • Apply and share technical solutions and ideas to integrate asynchronous processing of requests to back-end services, efficiently handling screen updates for a smooth user experience.
  • Identify and implement best solutions to leverage and contribute to relevant open-source tools and libraries.
  • Utilize a proactive and responsive approach to problem-solving with device compatibility issues and common fixes and work-arounds.

As a Senior Android Engineer you will need:

  • 5+ years of relevant experience including 3+ years with Android native applications.
  • BS/MS degree in computer science, engineering or a related subject.
  • Fluency with Android Studio/Eclipse/IntelliJ development environment and native frameworks.
  • Strong capabilities to operate at the confluence of programming and design.
  • Excellent expertise of translating visual UX/UI designs and wireframes into runtime front-end code that delivers the visual experience of an app.
  • Fundamental experience in the design, development and deployment of large consumer-facing or enterprise scale mobile apps.
  • Exposure to cross-functional teams and projects built, tested, and deployed to production and distributed on the App Store, helping organisations iterate towards product/market fit.
  • Strong analytical and debugging skills including A/B testing on front-end components to help iterate towards better customer retention, engagement and delight.
  • Pragmatic approaches to connect to back-end services deployed on elastic infrastructure to populate front-end app state.
  • Experience with implementing flux / redux patterns for Android using either Reductor, Jedux, or similar.
  • “Well skilled” in cool UI’s for Android i.e. animations, and transitions.
  • Understanding of asynchronous messaging using Sockets i.e.
  • Familiarity building mobile applications that utilize web-services (either REST-based, JSON, Thrift or other services), consumer mobile application development and Bluetooth Stack (preferred).
  • Experience with agile software and test-driven development, as well as the ability to find fulfillment in building innovative products (preferred).

Meet Some of BCG Digital Ventures's Employees

James K.

Lead Strategic Designer

James focuses on the convergence between understanding consumer needs and making sure everything DV creates is innovative, feasible, and value-generating, both for clients and for the company.

LaMer W.

Experience Design Director

As Experience Design Director, La Mer runs the Communication Design Team and the Experience Design Teams across all ongoing and upcoming ventures.

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