CEO - Stealth Healthcare Startup

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We are launching a stealth startup, which will build a digital clinical operations platform to disrupt the drug development industry. With funding already in place, this startup will capture part of this 50 billion dollar US market through digital redesign of the clinical trial value chain.    

We are looking for an exceptional CEO who is passionate about building businesses and teams to lead and own the end-to-end success of this disruptive startup.
As the CEO, you will:

Lead Strategy

  • Set the vision for the company and define the overall strategy from launch to scale; including long-term goals. Drive growth, profitability and company value
  • Refine and deploy the business model ahead of the market
  • Provide expert guidance to all functional areas, including strategy, operations, sales & product
  • Manage competition and threats in the marketplace, with constant evaluation of financial structure, capital strategy & strategic priorities
  • Develop and implement scalable and efficient strategies to ensure both consistent results and exponential growth
  • Build industry partnerships & relationships to amplify impact

Build Great Talent & Teams

  • Attract, retain & develop world-class talent
  • Cultivate a high-performing, agile, one-team culture
  • Empower the team towards autonomous delivery, while exercising appropriate balance of control

Execute with Excellence

  • Drive day-to-day operations, including P&L and cash flow
  • Align resources to achieve key business priorities
  • Proactively mitigate business, operational & governance risks
  • Identify, prioritize, and conduct thorough due diligence on business opportunities for strategic partnerships and investments Provide expert guidance to all functional areas, including product, analytics, growth marketing, and account management

Win in the Marketplace

  • Lead later round fundraising to support mid and long term growth
  • Facilitate senior R&D relationships for early commercial activities
  • Manage competition and threats in the marketplace, with constant evaluation of financial structure, capital strategy & strategic priorities
  • Own P&L and cash flow.  Manage burn rate while growing the business ahead of market disruption

Mobilize Stakeholders

  • Regularly report updates to Board of Directors and corporate stakeholders regarding progress on strategic priorities, and collaborate with Board of Directors to accelerate progress
  • Invest in strategic partnerships & relationships to drive growth

Inspire Meaning & Purpose

  • Serve as chief external spokesperson and public champion for the business
  • Establish credibility throughout the customer and partner network by authentic engagement to galvanize company to create & drive solutions to core business challenges   

Desired Expertise & Experience

  • P&L responsibilities at CEO level or head of significant BU
  • Clinical development background with hands-on experience in clinical trial conduct
  • Deep familiarity and insights into digital tools for clinical development
  • Proven track record of building successful products to sustainability with high caliber teams from the ground up, ideally in current roles
  • Experience managing Board of Directors and corporate stakeholders to keep regular updates on business performance and progress
  • Experience navigating >$1M commercial contracts with senior leaders
  • Founder experience in healthcare startups is a plus
  • Must be willing to travel up to 50% of time
  • Life sciences MD/PhD preferred
  • 10+ years of experience as a business leader in the digital health space or big data
  • Experience and positive track record raising and negotiating venture funding
  • Experience with digital health regulations around mobile medical apps, mobile prescription therapy, and real world evidence a plus

Perseverance and resilience: When times get tough, the tough get going. As every startup CEO knows that the journey to success will be a roller coaster. But even if you're the CEO, and you start going downhill, you won't be willing to quit. Regardless of how bootstrapped they may become, true entrepreneurs need to know how to get by with what they have.  The best CEOs find a way to dig in and keep going even when it seems everything is going against them.
A sponge-like nature: Being an entrepreneur requires a learning curve. If you’re not willing to learn, think about leaving the startup world. You need to be able to soak in everything and anything you can, just like a sponge. The more you learn, the better.
Builds a culture, not just a company: The best CEOs, like Tony Hsieh at Zappos, build a culture that gives everyone a mission. They stand out in a sea of boring companies.        
Stays focused: A friend who worked for Steve Jobs told me that what really made him different is that Jobs wouldn't let teams move off their tasks until they really finished them.
Is good at convincing other people: CEOs have to deal with conflicting interest groups. Customers often want something investors don't. So, a good CEO is really great at convincing other people to get on board, even at changing people's opinions.
Is courageous: Every entrepreneur needs to have at least some significant amount of courage to start a business, but the best ones are brave enough to stand out, make enemies (if they have to), and make unpopular decisions
Confidence is important: Confidence is everything for a leader. People invest in confident leaders –whether they are VCs, business partners, employees, or customers. Confidence leads to success, but success also leads to confidence. So when things are rocky, your confidence level drops. But what makes you a great startup CEO is having confidence not just in your startup but yourself during these rocky times.
Displays Gravitas:  You are someone serious, whose words are listened to – you are someone people trust and respect. You know when to use relationships and leverage the authority of others.

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