Value Stream Specialist II

    • Nashua, NH

Job Description
The Value Stream Specialist II will ensure that product continues to flow to support all factory and program demands. The Value Stream Specialist II will help eliminate and or escalate any roadblocks from the Factory, so that the Factory has what they need to execute their daily activities. Day to day activities may include but are not limited to attending daily GEMBA's, support CAB/CARB/monthly, and lastly drive Continuous Improvement efforts where needed. The Value Stream Specialist II will need to establish an effective communications framework throughout the team. Direct reports will include operators across multiple process areas. He or she will need to address personnel issues, escalating these to the PSM and or Human Resources when necessary.

The Value Stream Specialist II would work with the PSM to determine and communicate labor and capacity needs, maintaining a team that is structured and staffed correctly. The Value Stream Specialist II would be responsible for training requirements for operators. The Strategic Operations Spv II would help and have input into the PSM when analyzing and designing the sequence of operations and workflow to improve efficiencies in the respective Factory. This may include equipment layouts, methods for maximum utilization of production facilities, and personnel. He or she would proactively support quality initiatives relating to design and process compliance and improvements and ensure compliance with audits. Participate and gives input to studies pertaining how we control our costs, cost reduction, inventory control, and production record systems.

Required Skills and Education
Experience collaborating in multifunctional team environment
Strong Communication skills
A willingness to want to expand and grow his or her Operations background

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