Sprinkler Mechanic B

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Sprinkler Mechanic A SPIA

Maintenance Maintenance

See current CBA



Primarily responsible for various operations of the sprinkler system and fire alarm system

II. PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Duties and responsibilities which occupy a major portion of time and importance in the job. lncumbent(s) perform one or more of the following duties.)

  • Perfor m equipment PM's per written specifications and recommend changes to PM Job plans based on Root Cause A nalysis performed and manufacturer recommendations .
  • Oversee and instruct lower class craftsmen in their duties.
  • Inspect installations of new sprinkler systems for proper workmanship and conformity with underwriter codes and plant standards .
  • Direct tests of new sprinkler installations.
  • Make major adjustments to valve mechanisms .
  • Perform tests of automatic sprinkler systems in accordance with plant standards.
  • Install replacements to valves and fittings. Solenoid valves to be disconnected and replaced by electricians.
  • Perform duties to high standards with only general supervision .
  • Mount/Install sprinkler boxes on poles, walls and structures.
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis/5 Why on significant mechanical breakdowns and equipment failures .
  • Know and observe plant safety and housekeeping rules.
  • Able to run EMT conduit for air lines and smoke detectors .
  • Electricians to run power and wire to the boxes and the sprinkler shop to perform wiring in the Monaco boxes.
  • Perform all duties of the fire alarm shop and comply with all NFPA, NFC 72,70,13,20 and any other applicable

codes and also army regulations for group Ill extra hazard fire suppression systems .

  • Fire Alarm shop duties include, but are not limited to:
  • Answering and responding to fire alarm trouble calls on all shifts,
  • Responding to fire alarms at buildings without sprinkler systems and making necessary repairs to reset the supervisory systems in the event of a trip or "false trip"
  • Complete fire alarm smoke and heat detector P.M.s
  • Maintaining heat and smoke detectors and FM 200 and C02 systems
  • Monitoring of new Monaco demarcation system being installed in the sprinkler shop
  • The below accountabilities/activities are for the purpose of keeping past work (prior to 2016) with the same crafts/shops
  • Sprinkler Mechanics will install new Monaco Systems. Power supplied to these systems will be

run and installed by electricians up to the box including ridged conduit.

  • The Det-tronics cards will be replaced electricians.

Supplying power and installing of Fike and Gamewell and wiring of the boxes will be done by the electricians . Heat detectors, smoke detectors, and air switches will be maintained and repaired by the sprinkler shop .

  • Low Voltage is understood as 24 volts or less. Low voltage work on sprinkler systems regarding smoke detectors and heat detectors will be performed by the sprinkler shop. Any wire, relays, pressure switches , micro switches and conduit needing to be installed new will be performed by the electrical shop . Trouble shooting can be done by either sprinkler or electrical shop.

Ill. Minimum Qualifications include: Education:

High School education or equivalent


Licenses, Certifications, Special Requirements:

Must hold or obtain Levell Monaco in the allotted time frame in accordance to the CBA Experience in sprinkler shop/ or fire alarm shop.

Must be able to maintain valid State's Driver's License.


A. Respons ibilities for Work of Others Does not supervise any employees

B. Supervision Received

Receives direct supervision from maintenance group leader, team leader and/or maintenance manager .

Provides job direction to lower crafts such as Sprinkler Mechanic B (SPIB).


A. Physical Tasks

Exerts frequent physical energy. Must be able to perform unassisted lift up to 40 pounds. Physically able to work from a ladder and man lifts.

B. . Work ing Conditions

Must be capable of working in all seasonal environment/conditions, such as the heat, rain, cold, and snow . Must be capable of working in an energetic and hazardous environment including possibly handling of energetic propellant and hazardous material, but it is not intended for SPIA to do production work of handling energetic propellant and hazardous material. Must be capable of working in or around alcohol and ether fumes. Must wear proper protective equipment including, but not limited to, respirators, hard toe shoes, coveralls, head protection, eye, hand and hearing protection. May work extended hours,weekends, or holidays . May work rotating shifts.


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