Eng Sr - Research

Drawing from various disciplines, including estimation, optimization, probability, control theory, complex systems theory, and graph theory, the Integration and Information Analytics (I2A) group advances the state-of-the-art in data processing, complex adaptive systems modeling, and automated sensor control. Today's warfighter and intelligence analyst are overwhelmed with data from a wide variety of sensors and must act against an increasingly adaptive adversary. Our technologies span the Fusion stack from integration of multiple data products including radar, video, and signals intelligence into clear and consolidated situational awareness pictures to Fusion of theory and data within models of complex systems. Applications of our technology include: space, land, air, and maritime surveillance; IED detection; insurgent detection and tracking; border patrol, long-range strike systems, war gaming; and modeling adversary behavior. We are funded by various research organizations, including DARPA and the Air Force Research Laboratory, and focus on transitioning our technologies into operational systems.

As an engineer, you will contribute to programs that cover the full spectrum of research and development: from the mathematical formulation of an idea, followed by prototyping in MATLAB, implementation in C++/Java, integration with sensor systems, and finally with field testing of the full system. We encourage you to get involved in any aspect of our programs that interest you, from publishing results in academic journals to getting flight certified to test our airborne systems. We value candidates who are self-directed yet are good team players, entrepreneurial, goal- and success-oriented. We seek candidates who will share in the excitement that we have for protecting our service members, provide leadership for various complex problem areas, independently develop creative solution strategies, and work successfully in multi-disciplinary academic/industry teams.

We Have:

Complex real life problems

Top notch data fusion and analytics solutions

Multi-disciplinary academic/industry opportunities

Teams of aces

An open mind for new ideas and methodologies

You're excellent at:

Advanced math, especially statistics and linear algebra

Scientific programming with MATLAB or C++

Problem solving


Working in a team

Extra awesome:

Conference attendance

Paper publications

Presentation chops

Current US Citizenship is required.

Meet Some of BAE Systems's Employees

Chandra C.

Vice President, Finance

Chandra helps steer the overall financial direction of BAE Systems’ headquarters. She interacts with many teams to lead mergers and acquisitions, investments, and general maintenance of all the numbers.

Melissa M.

Human Resources Manager

Melissa advises BAE Systems on the full HR spectrum. She brings in new talent, prepares team members for success, pops in on payroll and benefits, and shapes the company’s culture.

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