Civil / Structural Engineer III

BAE Systems, one of the world's leading defense contractors and a stable Fortune 500 Company, is hiring a Civil / Structural Engineer at the Holston Army Ammunition Plant.

The Civil / Structural Engineer:

o Plans, analyzes, designs, builds, and maintains chemical plant facilities.

o Is involved in project engineering for large plant improvements or additions and participates in the preparation of key plans and plant layouts.

o Performs structural design and analysis, field investigations and studies, mapping and surveying, construction layout, and inspection of construction.

Essential Functions

o Performs project engineering working in multi-discipline engineering teams. Selects construction materials and methods; creates engineering estimates, writes specifications; creates and supervises the preparation of civil, architectural, and structural drawings; controls cost; and manages work to meet project schedules.

o Performs civil engineering analyses for: piping networks (water distribution systems and sprinkler systems); sewer system layouts and hydraulics: pumping systems; water and waste water treatment systems; road and railroad layouts, including grade, alignment, and drainage; and containment, diversion and treatment systems for pollution abatement. Also performs structural analyses and design work for bridges, tunnels, structural steel buildings, reinforced concrete building and structures, pipe supports, and foundation systems.

o Conducts inspections of existing facilities such as buildings, tank farms, tunnels, roads, railroads, bridges, pipe bridges, and pipelines to determine the integrity and safety of the structure. Makes recommendations concerning any needed modifications.

o Oversees mapping and surveying functions which involve layout of new work and maintenance of records of aboveground and underground utilities.

o Conducts studies of major water supply problems, waste treatment needs, and flood control measures.

o Develops estimates, plans, and schedules for the construction phase of projects ensuring that materials, equipment, and personnel will be available to meet project schedules. Determines that work is performed in accordance with plans, specifications, and good construction practices and within cost during the execution phase. Is also responsible for safe work practices.

o Analyzes loads and forces, and designs or approves adequacy of supporting members, systems, and equipment for construction activities.

o Determines or approves material composition of various concrete mixes to achieve desired strength, workability, and durability.

o Investigates to determine root cause of structural or system failures and recommends corrective action.

BAE Systems helps protect those who protect us. At our R&D and manufacturing facility at the Holston Army Ammunition Plant in Kingsport, TN, we do this by developing safer explosives for our government and commercial customers. Holston AAP has provided high quality explosives for our soldiers since WWII and will continue to push the frontier of energetic material synthesis and manufacturing with your help. Learn more about this area of our business at

Meet Some of BAE Systems's Employees

Melissa M.

Human Resources Manager

Melissa advises BAE Systems on the full HR spectrum. She brings in new talent, prepares team members for success, pops in on payroll and benefits, and shapes the company’s culture.

Chandra C.

Vice President, Finance

Chandra helps steer the overall financial direction of BAE Systems’ headquarters. She interacts with many teams to lead mergers and acquisitions, investments, and general maintenance of all the numbers.

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