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Job Description
The Business Technology Officer (BTO) serves as the primary partner between the business/function and the Information Technology (IT) function. The BTO is accountable to drive value in the provisioning of information technology to provide IT which meets the Business Sector needs at the best value.

  • Partners proactively with sector business leaders to identify ways to leverage/exploit business technology as a discriminator to enable the business to growth via enhanced efficiency, collaboration, and innovation
  • Develops the business technology strategy and capabilities roadmap for the assigned sector or major functions that help achieve a growth strategy or IBP.
  • Documents business requirements and collaborates with Enterprise Shared Services-Information Technology (ESS-IT) and - Inc. Information Security (IM-IIS) for the development of solution alternatives.
  • Anticipates and shapes the business solutions based on input from: members of the sector, major functions and technology vendors to formulate the requirements.
  • Represent the sector within the IT organization to select solutions that meet the needs of the business and ensures that the balance between scope, timing, quality and cost are maintained with new solutions introduction.
  • Leads efforts to improve the customer agility, efficiency, innovation capabilities, and quality of products and services, primarily through the introduction of innovative business processes and alignment of technology.
  • Serve as the change ambassador to sector personnel to drive increased adoption for Inc.-level technology initiatives.
  • Influence standards creation across all IT services and ensure adoption of those standards in their respective Sector.
  • Collaborates with business leaders and other BTOs to identify synergies to leverage and standardize solutions that fit enterprise requirements that deliver better solutions/services to customers.
  • Partners with ESS-IT to ensure the IT infrastructure and service delivery model is robust and resilient to meet the current and future business needs.
  • Is a member of the sector senior Leadership team and has matrixed reporting to the Inc CIO.

As a member of the Sector/Function Leadership team, participate in sector business planning, initiatives and business development efforts to gain an understanding of future business needs. Responsible for leveraging this information to identify technology gaps that need to be addressed and develop the business technology vision, strategy and capabilities roadmap for the sector to drive innovation and introduce business discriminators. Ensure alignment of business technology strategy and sector/business strategy. Responsible for communicating sector business technology vision, strategy and capabilities roadmap to the sector and ESS-IT organization to ensure technology developed and delivered meets the needs of the business. Recommends solutions based on business-enablement and cost consideration. Serves as broker between business and IT to ensure solutions fit business needs. Responsible for initiating opportunities for cross-sector collaboration on business technology. Engage key stakeholders to drive opportunities for cost savings and increased efficiency while ensuring alignment with enterprise architecture and strategy. Engage ESS-IT for execution of service delivery elements. Responsible for identifying collaboration and communication capabilities for the sector to enable efficient and effective interaction with external and internal partners. Recommend and lead efforts to develop requirements for flexible and innovative processes, business technology and systems that meet the changing business needs to aid in improving customer responsiveness, efficiency, and innovation in the offering of products and services. Communicate benefits to the sector leadership of leading edge technologies deployed by ESS-IT. Advocate within the sector for increased utilization of new business technology as it is introduced. Serve as the sector's focal point to for corporate network security investigations and/or incidents involving sector personnel Accountable for sector-level IT budgets to include all IT spend that occurs within the sector. Partner with ESS-IT to ensure sector business needs are met and serve as the business advocate to ensure:

Adherence to allocated service delivery budget (ESS-IT manages the service delivery budget)

Technical requirements meet business needs, expectations and budgets are aligned
Solution alternatives are selected that meet the needs of the business or function
Global business needs and requirements are reflected in services delivered Accountable for establishing and maintaining collaborative working relationships across the CIO organization to facilitate shared objectives across the enterprise. Accountable to initiate stakeholder engagement for demand management based on changes in business needs.

Establish and maintain a sector infrastructure & application refresh program to meet all security and business requirements.

Typical Education & Experience

Required Skills and Education
Problem Solving: Analytical thought needed to resolve issues in a variety of complex situations, without supervision. Nature of Impact: Routinely impacts quality, timeliness of results, planning and revenues or budget; frequently sets policies and procedures. Area of Impact: Primarily sector-wide with accountability for cross-sector collaboration. Interpersonal Skills: Skilled communicator who influences and shapes the image of a complex Program/Line of Business/Sector. Negotiation Skills: Negotiates mainly internally, at higher levels, and occasionally with external relationships. Project Management: Senior Project/Program team member responsible for work flow which is varied in nature with situations frequently requiring new solutions. Min. Education: Bachelor's Degree. Min. Experience: More than 15+ years of relevant work experience. Min. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Technology knowledge, financial acumen

Preferred Skills and Education
Pref. Education: Master's Degree preferred. Pref. Experience: More than 15+ years relevant management experience preferred. Pref. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Business acumen, diagnostic information gathering, collaboration, strategic focus, adaptability, communication, discernment/judgment, negotiation, influencing others, customer service

About BAE Systems Electronic Systems
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