Site Reliability Engineer

Backcountry’s engineers are aggressive about finding new technologies to make systems better, faster, more stable, and more interesting to work on. Any developer in the company can get passionate about something new, start using it, and rally others around putting it into production.

SREs at Backcountry play a crucial role in helping facilitate and provide structure to this innovation. We vet technologies for production readiness, provide deployment guidelines and support the operational environments. We strive to do this in a collaborative way with our Engineering counterparts as we work toward migrating the organization to a DevOps culture.

About the Job

  • Full stack ownership databases, web servers, application servers and caching services.
  • Write and review code to provision servers, monitor systems and integrate ops workflows.
  • Develop system documentation and capacity plans.
  • Debug hard problems on our live production systems data, hardware, software, application and network.
  • Monitor system health and capacity planning and take proactive action to fix problems before they impact users.
  • Participate in an oncall rotation and serve as an escalation contact for incidents.
  • Collaborate with Development Engineering teams to build, deploy, support, and maintain new functionality.

About You

  • 5+ Years experience managing Linux/Unix systems, with demonstrable knowledge of operating system internals, file systems and fullstack troubleshooting.
  • 5+ Years experience managing and working with Databases, with demonstrable knowledge of at least one of the following: Oracle, Postgresql.
  • Ability to code really well in at least one high level language (Perl/Python/PHP/Ruby/Java/C#).
  • Ability to rapidly learn new development languages, software, technologies, frameworks and APIs.
  • Practical knowledge of shell scripting.
  • Understand and extensive experience using a DVCS (we use git).
  • Extreme troubleshooting skills identify problems and a solution, then roll it out.
  • Ability to perform guerrilla capacity planning for internet services architecture, web scale, etc.
  • Solid knowledge of basic large scale internet service architectures (like LAMP, CDNs, clusters).
  • Configuration and maintenance of common applications used in internet infrastructure such as: Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, varnish, mySQL, postgres, mongodb, NFS, DHCP, SSH, MemcacheD,DNS, SNMP.
  • Understanding of 'the cloud' and cloud like services, IAAS, PAAS, etc.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and work independently as well as in a team.

Characteristics and Behaviors

  • Obsess about gaining and maintaining customer trust. Always think about how you are improving the customer's’ life with what you are doing.
  • True belief in serving great engineers and creating a team that is worldclass. People should be able to look back at their time as part of your team and truly feel that it added value to their careers.
  • Attitude of taking ownership and getting things done. While we would love for you to have the capability to consistently make good decisions, it is even more important that you accept responsibility when you’ve made bad ones.
  • Be at the top of your game with a deep curiosity of the latest and greatest in technology and infrastructure with a bias towards self education when faced with unfamiliar technologies, problems, or objectives.
  • Have a backbone! Strongly advocate your beliefs of what is best for Backcountry. You state your opinions and disagreements directly by remaining candid as well as apolitical.
  • Relentlessly escalate the decisions you are most concerned about; escalation trumps compromise. Yet, once a decision is made, you wholeheartedly commit to it as if it were your own.

Backcountry is the best place to do cutting edge technology work and embrace an outdoor lifestyle!

We are committed to owning our technology and constantly evolving to keep pace with modern tools, frameworks, and architecture patterns. We’re actively replacing legacy systems with brand new technology, and there are no arbitrary standards about what technologies are acceptable.

Our engineers are creative professionals, not order takers or code monkeys, and they play a significant part in solving important problems at Backcountry. Any developer in the company can get passionate about something new, start using it, and get others excited about getting it into production; if you can convince other people it’s a good idea, you can do it.

Grow, Stretch & Master: Curiosity is king; we delight in opportunities to take on new challenges and learn new ways of solving problems. There are endless opportunities to stretch your skillsets, take on new challenges, become better leaders, solve difficult problems in elegant ways, and build your career.

Talent Community & Outdoor Lifestyle: On any given day, you’ll find groups of employees backcountry skiing before coming into work, trail running during lunch, taking a happy hour bike ride, or returning from a kayaking trip. Your coworkers work hard, play hard, and relish in the opportunity to encourage others to try a new outdoor pursuit. There is no better company in the world to feed your passion for technology and the outdoors.

About Backcountry

Backcountry is the leading online retailer of premium outdoor gear. Our mission at Backcountry, why we exist, is to connect people to their passions. We create remarkable customer experiences through the best selection of outdoor product, a flawless shopping experience, the expertise of our gearheads, the lightning speed of our fulfillment, and the shared knowledge of our Community. We operate six online specialty stores- Backcountry, Competitive Cyclist, MotoSport, Bergfreunde, SteepandCheap, and WhiskeyMilitia.


Meet Some of's Employees

Georgia S.

Senior Graphic Designer

Georgia collaborates with Backcountry’s Marketing and Content Teams. She ensures the company’s design is cohesive across all channels, including landing pages, social media, and photoshoots.

Nick S.

Senior Manager, Off-Price

Nick works with Merchandising, Marketing, and Site Experience Teams to optimize and run the day-to-day work on Backcountry’s off-price business, Steep & Cheap.

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