Engineering Manager, Axon Research

Transparency and accountability through machine learning
Today, officers spend 65% of their time dealing with paperwork, leaving only 35% of their time available to build deep relationships with the communities that they serve. Axon's mission is to improve transparency, accountability, and productivity in law enforcement via technology.

Axon Research's goal is to use deep learning to accelerate the many manual human workflows in public safety data, so that officers can spend more time with what matters most: the community. We focus on workflows, while continuing to entrust decision-making to officers.

Our product is a machine learning platform that uses deep learning to understand video footage and power three key use cases:
Accelerated footage review to enable supervisors to better understand their officers' behavior and provide positive or negative feedback in order to improve training and police/community relations.
Automated redaction to speed up the process of sharing footage with the public while protecting the privacy of citizens captured in video.
Automated reporting to populate factual records directly from video and audio, so officers can spend more time serving the community.

By removing the burden of manual notes and endless hours of keyboard work, officers can be present, build relationships and be more human. We want our technology to enable more personal interactions to help build safer and stronger communities.

How we do it
Axon Research is a group comprised of machine learning researchers and developers. We balance an aggressive roadmap of engineering challenges with a portfolio of research bets. All of our engineering work is in service of ML, and all of our research work will make major impacts to product if successful. We understand the importance of collaboration for rigorous research and our whole team is encouraged to publish and open-source. As the deep learning technology and team came from the acquisition of Dextro, we maintain a highly startup-centric culture.

Like Apple, Axon is a vertically-integrated company that builds the entire stack, from camera hardware to firmware to cloud evidence management solutions, and now all the way up to AI. This tight coupling enables incredible scale with machine learning across both training and inference.

Our work requires much more care than typical AI applications such as targeting ads or tagging photos; therefore, we are investing time into a whole new level of applied AI security, including understanding adversarial examples, as well as a wholly independent AI ethics board that guarantees that our work will be used only for transparency and accountability, never for surveillance.

Location: Seattle, Washington

Your Impact
Axon Research, as quite literally a startup within a larger org, is iterating quickly on our core product and scaling our team. We are looking for an experienced engineering leader to guide our growth, as well as manage the delicate balance between research and engineering.

We're building a team that is inclusive of diversity of all kinds, which we think is critical in our mission to bring officers and the communities they serve closer together. If this is something you care about, we would love to have you join us.

Your Day to Day

  • You will work closely with our senior research scientists, research engineers, and software engineers to advance the state-of-the-art in machine learning for video understanding via both research as well as product engineering.
  • You will serve the ML team via investing in their growth through mentoring and feedback; actively hiring the best; and planning for their career development.
  • When you deem necessary, work on hands-on engineering projects
  • Plan and implement the technical execution of product goals with the product team
  • Further instill modern software development practices in the team and develop good habits in junior hires

Skills Required

  • Deep experience in building and leading modern engineering teams, and a proven track record of shipping
  • Ability to clearly define and articulate technical requirements, engineering roadmaps, and technical decisions
  • A solid background in software engineering is a must, so that you can challenge and develop our experienced engineers as well as guide the engineering development of our researchers.
  • A background in ML is strongly preferred. In any case, a competent mathematical background combined with a desire to have deep technical conversations with our ML PhDs is a requirement for success.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life 
  • Bonus plan
  • Stock options
  • Supportive parental leave policy
  • Unlimited paid-time-off
  • 401K
  • Commuter options
  • Stocked kitchen
  • Awarded 14th best place to work in the state of Washington and the geekiest office space in Seattle
  • Opportunities to ride along with real US police officers in real life situations, see them use technology, and get inspired. 
  • And much more...

Meet Some of Axon's Employees

Bryan W.

Vice President, Software Engineering

From building a top-talent team to creating cutting-edge technologies, Bryan and his co-workers are responsible for supporting Axon’s engineering efforts and experiences.

Surbhi S.


Surbhi writes the code that controls what Axon body cameras can do to help law enforcement officers out in the field during their day-to-day duties.

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