Software Engineer - Back-end Developer

About the role
As a Software Engineer, you will have the opportunity to be part of digital transformation while being surrounded by people who are passionate about building modern applications that leverage the industry's leading technologies. You will learn our client's business, organization, systems, challenges and goals, and then utilize that knowledge to work with a team to deliver exceptional results.
Your responsibilities will be:
• Consistently develop and deliver high-quality, low-defect features on schedule.
• Collaborate with your team to design new and enhanced features.
• Provide recommendations on, and implement technologies to achieve goals.
• Meet with clients to understand requirements and create solutions to meet objectives.
• Maintain and enhance code integrity, security, data protection and quality.
• Be part of an active community of knowledgeable members to share your technical expertise and learn from their experiences.
• Potentially work part-time or full-time at your client's site, including travel, as needed.

About you

You enjoy solving problems and providing solutions in a collaborative environment. Keeping an open mind, you explore technologies that solve challenges and offer quality solutions to clients. You work in an agile environment that continuously promotes growth, knowledge and drive to success. You have experience with a large portion of the following technologies:

• Web Development with HTML5 and JavaScript using Single Page Application Frameworks such as Angular, React, Polymer and Knockout.
• Responsive/adaptive interfaces using technologies like Bootstrap and Foundation.
• Data storage technologies such as MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure SQL.
• Services and applications leveraging .NET Core, NodeJS, ASP.NET MVC, C# and JavaScript.
• Design with a highly available, cloud first mentality which leverages reusable components and microservice architectures.
• Cloud technologies to bring next-gen AI into applications.
You have a Computer Science degree or equivalent, with strong development fundamentals, including SOLID design principles, Object Oriented Programming and Test-Driven Development.

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