Internship in Software Engineering: Virtual TC Introduction (AVITI)

Developing Avanade's Virtual TC Introduction (AVITI)

Avanade wants to introduce its Talent Communities to potential candidates in an attractive way. This internship aims to develop a Virtual Reality App were a candidate discovers Avanade by navigating in a 3D world to topics he wants to know more about. The topics contain a mixture of rich text, graphics, presentations, audio and video. These topics are stored separate and made configurable, so they can be adapted easily if needed. The App will be developed for the Google Cardboard as well as Microsoft HoloLens platform.

The intern will go through the full application development life cycle : from analysis and design; over development; to deployment of the solution.


Are you a dynamic Software Engineer with an affinity for the Microsoft ecosystem: .NET Core or .NET 4.8, and Azure Cloud?
Specific technologies used:

  • Unity Engine
  • C#
  • Google Cardboard
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Blender

We offer plenty of opportunities. Our training and internship programs offer you the opportunity to grow and realize your career goals. Moreover, you will be part of a dynamic team of IT professionals within a positive and productive work environment in which excellence is rewarded. And who knows? This internship might be the first step to a challenging career at Avanade.

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