Analyst, Solution Development - Intern

Role Overview:

An Analyst, Solution Development contributes to the functional and technical design, plus the coding and testing of software applications to meet business requirements. An Analyst applies functional knowledge and technical expertise in the implementation of configuration changes and maintenance of software applications.

Key Role Responsibilities:

Day-to-day, you will:

  • Contribute in all phases of Avanade projects (Plan, Analyze, Design, Build and Test)
  • Have responsibilities around supporting efforts to gather and define technical, operational and user requirements, assisting with conceptual architecture and technical solutions design and implementing client-approved solution(s)
  • Actively support and contribute to Solution Developments team

Key Role Skill & Capability Requirements:

Your technical and non-technical skills may include:
  • Ability to analyze, design, develop, implement and maintain application code in a variety of contexts
  • Ability to develop client-based and/or web-based software solutions
  • Knowledgeable about application development, complex code development, application testing, component design
  • Knowledge of specific technologies as specified by hiring manager

Non-Technical Requirement
  • Prior project and/or consulting work a plus
  • Ability to interact with external stakeholders
  • Good communications and presentations skills
  • [International] Solid written and spoken English skills

Preferred Education Background:

You likely possess a Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, MIS or related field

Preferred Years of Work Experience:

You likely have 0-3 years of project experience in a consulting environment

Scope of Work:
  • Nature of Work: Provides technical, administrative, or operational support.
  • Scope of Work: Primarily focused on own work, and execution of prescribed work plans.
  • Complexity: Lower-complexity work that is routine in nature and requires minimal judgement.
  • Discretion: Little-to-no discretion in approach to work objectives.
  • Organizational Impact: Work efforts primarily impact self and immediate team.
  • Supervision Received: Direct, regular supervision & monitoring.
  • Supervision Provided: n/a
  • Knowledge Applied: Little occupation / discipline-relevant knowledge; applies prescribed processes & procedures.

Accountabilities & Metrics:

Accountable for:
  • Chargeability
  • Personal goals


埃维诺是创新数字化和云服务、业务解决方案和突出设计体验领域的领先提供商,公司利用出色的人才和 Microsoft 生态系统交付卓越服务。我们的专业人员将技术、业务和行业专业知识相结合以构建和部署解决方案,从而帮助我们的客户及客户的客户实现卓越成果。埃维诺在全球 23 个国家/地区分布有 29,000 名通过数字化方式交流的员工,通过尊重多元化和反映当地社区风貌的协作文化,为客户提供最佳创意。埃维诺由 Accenture LLP 和 Microsoft Corporation 共同成立于 2000 年,埃森哲持有该公司的多数股权。访问 了解更多详情。

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