Sr. Product Manager, Personalization

Don't you love it when a close friend recommends a book that you'll love? Or how about walking into a store and feeling like whoever built it - built it just for you? It's those feelings of being known, understood and deeply valued that we want to convey to our members at Audible. When they visit our mobile applications or website - we want them to feel like we've designed the experience just for them. That they're not just a member, but a close friend.

We are looking for a Product Manager to help champion Personalization at Audible. Each member's experience should feel tailored, bespoke, deeply personal and insightful. Your mission will be to delight every Audible member by showing that we care and demonstrating how deeply we understand them. You'll be part of the most talented and customer-centric product development organization on the planet. You'll be challenged. You'll be amazed. You'll grow. But most importantly - you'll create some incredible products that connect with our members on a personal level every day.

This role requires a thirst for continuous learning, commitment to action, an attitude that anything is possible and a relentless focus on the customer. The right candidate takes Personalization very, very personally.

• Work with the team, to define and set the product roadmap, setting expectations with all relevant stakeholders.
• Create plans that have clear, measurable success criteria.
• Interface with the data science & development teams to drive the creation and execution of the product roadmap.
• Set a high bar for success, never accept the status quo, and look for every opportunity you can find to innovate on behalf of Audible's members.
• Regularly review metrics and proactively seek out new and improved data/mechanisms for visibility.

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