Lead Global Insights and Data Science

Hey - there's a revolution going on! A revolution in digital entertainment. Every day millions of people around the world choose to be more thoughtfully entertained, informed and educated by listening to fascinating stories and all forms of fictional and non-fictional content on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Audible is looking for an experienced leader and manager Global Insights and Data Science to help support our strategic and financial objectives. The role will be based in Newark (NJ).

She/he will make the best of her/his skillset in business, marketing, finance, econometrics, statistics, simulation and business intelligence to explain, quantify, predict and prescribe. She/he will know how to translate business and financial goals into agile, insightful analytics. She/he will seek to create value for both stakeholders and customers, and will convey findings in a clear, actionable way to managers and senior leaders.

• As the point of contact person for our CFO and finance organization, will work at the junction between marketing and finance goals and support our strategic objectives around customer acquisition, retention, engagement and experience.
• Translates objectives into strategic plans with a medium- to long-term view.
• Decisions directly impact the performance of the business segment /corporate department.
• Will provide stakeholders with timely, relevant insights, scenarios and recommendations.
• Only general precedence is available to assist in resolving some unforeseen complications.
• Will provide new and innovative solutions for complex problems.
• Will sometimes imagine and invent before stakeholders ask and create groundbreaking applications using cutting-edge approaches.
• Will be a full part of the Audible Global Insight and Data Science team and contribute to the growth of the team, share her/his ideas, intellectual property, and learn from others. In particular will bring Audible to the next stage of marketing and finance intelligence capabilities.

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