Senior Software Engineer, Web Services Platform

3+ months agoPortland, OR

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our Web Services Platform team. This role can sit in Portland, Seattle, Boulder, Encino, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta or Richardson, TX.

About the team

The Web Services Platform teamis responsible formaking service andAPIdevelopment atXandrfaster, more effective, and higher quality.We support theUIand API product development teams by investing in application development frameworks, infrastructure, and tools.

About the job

As atechnical leader on ourteamyou'll design and implement solutions that are high quality, easy to operate and maintain, and make the lives of product engineers easier. Projects can be in a variety of languages with different operational requirements, so you'll need to approach problems from a variety of ways.Projects could include:

  • Implementing a service mesh layer to handle discovery and load balancing for microservices.
  • Improving an API framework so product developers can more quickly get to production.
  • Replacing a home-grown service router with an off-the-shelfopen sourcesystem.
  • Modernizing ageneral-purposesearch system used by UIapplications

About your skills
  • 5+ years of experience as a professional software developer
  • Experienceproviding mentorship and guidance, including code reviews, training, andfeedback
  • Experience building and operating production SaaS services, especiallylarge-scale
  • Expertise in Java or another systems language(e.g.Go)
  • Experience designing HTTP+JSONAPIs
  • Prior experience leading or mentoring a technical team aplus
  • Proficiency in JavaScript a plus
  • Experience withGraphQLa plus
  • Experience with Kubernetes or similar a plus
  • Experience with monitoring or observability tools a plus