RF Engineer/Project Management (Government)

We are seeking Project Managers/Engineers with experience working in the fields of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and shielding to include Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3), EMI/EMC, or Lightning Protection. Candidate will be expected to perform oversee maintenance and manage existing facilities certifications in accordance with an established Hardness Maintenance and Hardness Surveillance plan.

Candidate will work in conjunction with technical contractors to establish vendor requirements, review test plans and reports, manage configuration, assess contractor performance, and provide customer interface. Estimate this to be 75% of the overall job responsibilities. Additional responsibilities include the management of an installed base of fiber optic communications infrastructure and interface with the AT&T Network Organization to maintain the existing communications plant, facilitate repairs and implement new services as needed.
Estimate this portion to be 25% of the overall job.
This is a technical position with no direct employee supervisory responsibilities.

Minimum Requirements

  • A BS degree in Engineering or Physics or equivalent experience with 3 years experience in shielding and electromagnetic protection design, test, and maintenance
  • US Citizenship; must be willing to apply for and obtain a security clearance
  • Ability to work well with customers including demonstrated written and oral communication skills and organization of thought
  • Willingness to travel locally with some travel outside of the area
  • Able to complete projects with minimal supervision but committed to teamwork
  • Knowledge and experience in electromagnetic shielding design, grounding, bonding and transient protection
  • Experience with facility drawings and wiring diagrams
  • Experience in inspecting, testing MOVs, Filters (RF, Power AC and DC) and other non-linear protective devices.
  • Experience in protocols in the various technical requirements and standards covering lifecycle maintenance and configuration management.
  • Experience with high-voltage Environmental Health and Safety and OSHA safety policies and protocols
  • Experience in specifying, inspecting, overseeing maintaince and repair of shields, RF gaskets, and RF doors and frames
  • Experience in reading, interpreting, and analyzing information for HM/HS related measurements, data acquisition, complex testing equipment, and recording activities in an HM/HS log
  • At least 3 years experience with AT&T Corporate Network resources to manage the maintenance and implementation of fiber infrastructure, network equipment maintenance and repair.

Required Skills, Experience, and Education:
BS Physics or Electrical Engineering Advanced Degree Preferred

Required Clearance:
Must be a US Citizen and have the ability to obtain a Top Secret Clearance as needed

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