Full Stack Software Engineer (UI/UX)

About Our Team:
You have the unique opportunity to be a part of a transformational team that will promote new process innovation within AT&T, through modern practices of design and design thinking methods. The Design Technology team acts as a startup inside AT&T. This highly talented team creates irresistible experiences and desirable products by uncovering the unmet needs of the customer as inspiration. In this high-paced, creative environment, we know that our people will make all the difference in our success. We need energy, curiosity and a relentless interest in creating the best customer experience!

As a Full Stack Software Engineer, you will:
• You will develop a diverse set of experiences and products for AT&T, both internal and consumer-facing. Projects may range from websites and mobile apps to chatbots and internal tools.
• Collaborate with teammates and internal sponsors to meet the project's activities, strategy, and timeline.
• Work with UX designers, content strategists, and/or visual designers as needed to deliver innovative, engaging experiences ranging from early-stage prototypes to production-ready applications.
• Work on several projects simultaneously while meeting tight deadlines.

Required Experience & Characteristics:
• Recent qualifications and experience in full stack development
• Experience: 2-4 years of experience in similar industry.
• Strong knowledge of web application architectures and best practices.
• Practical experience writing and architecting JavaScript applications
• Experience developing and maintaining APIs with an eye on performance, optimization, and high availability.

• Hands-on and practical experience with some or all of the following platforms and technologies:

  • Front-end web and mobile frameworks and technologies: React, React Native, Angular, and Vue
  • Server-side frameworks such as: Nginx, Node.js, Express, Apollo
  • SQL, NoSQL, and GraphQL databases
  • Git and Gitflow

• Understanding/Knowledge of Agile & Design Thinking methodologies.
• Preferred Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Science, Electrical Engineering, or Math; Developer nanodegree; or equivalent experience.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Possess an "everything has a solution" mentality and fearless "go-getter" attitude.

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