COMSEC Responsible Officer (Westfields)

COMSEC Responsible Officer (CRO) are
responsible for the generation, receipt, custody, distribution, safeguard,
disposition or destruction, and accounting of COMSEC material entrusted to
their COMSEC Account. The responsibilities
include COMSEC Account
Management to include attending a formal COMSEC Custodian training course as
soon as possible following your appointment; ensuring that the Alternate
Custodian assumes your responsibilities and duties when you are absent for a
period of less than 60 days; providing adequate training for Alternate
Custodian(s) and Local Elements; keeping informed (through Information Technology
[IT] Security and COMSEC publications) of any new requirements or
modifications to existing equipment; maintaining up-to-date administrative
files containing documentation related to the COMSEC Account (e.g. COMSEC
Briefing Certificates, Courier Certificates, COMSEC Incident Reports and
Security Screening Certificates); and maintaining accurate and up-to-date
account registration records. Responsibilities also include completing COMSEC
Accounting Reports and Files ensuring that accounting reports are complete,
accurate and that all corrections are made in ink and initialed for paper
transactions or digitally signed; verifying the material listed on the
accounting report prior to transfer, issue, hand receipt, destruction,
conversion, relief from accountability and possession; and returning
accounting reports to the originator within two working days of preparation
or receipt. The COMSEC manager will also provide Custody and Safeguard of
Accountable COMSEC Material by storing COMSEC material based on COMSEC
directives; maintaining a record of safe combinations and limit access to the
combinations to users who have a need-to-know and who possess the required
security clearance; ensuring combinations for containers used to store COMSEC
material are changed as required; and restricting access to keying material
to the minimum number of personnel required, based on a strict "need-to-know"
basis; and immediately notifying (within 24 hours) your Departmental COMSEC
Authority (DCA) of any incident that may have subjected COMSEC material or
sensitive information to compromise. COMSEC manager duties also include the
Distribution of Accountable COMSEC Material; the Receipt of Accountable
COMSEC Material, Accountable COMSEC Material Destruction, Generation of
Keying Material, COMSEC Inventories, Management of COMSEC Sub-Accounts. The
COMSEC manager will also be responsible for developing and maintaining COMSEC
Emergency Plan.

Required Skills,
Experience, and Education
:  Candidate must have 10 years of experience
that can be a combination of work history and education. This equates to a
Doctorate and 3 years of experience OR Masters and 4 years, Bachelors and 6
years, Associates and 8 years or HS and 10 years. Must have CASP or CISSP
Certification within 6 months and meet minimum requirements for DoD 8570 IAM
Level 3 certification requirements.

Required Clearance:  Active TS/SCI, with CI Poly

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